• Star Slicer

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    A Formidable Foe

    Written by (AFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    The Star Slicer, the Buggoids’ gigantic mantis, strikes an intimidating figure among the Galaxy Squad collection. While not one of the largest in piece count the stature of the set is very large, and done in vibrant colors. The set also comes with a small blue Galaxy Squad truck with detachable hovercraft that makes a handy opponent.


    Minifigures: As always I’m impressed with the Galaxy Squad minifigs. The human, Solomon Blaze, has a blue body and helmet and a double sided head. The blue robot is also nicely done, and I like the fact that its head resembles an Autobot from Transformers (whether intentional or not). But the dark red alien Buggoid is my favorite minifig in this set, as it is the only Buggoid of its color in Galaxy Squad.

    Overall Design: The Star Slicer is a praying mantis made large, flashy and frightening at the same time. The main sections of the body are well made, sturdy, and pleasing to the eye. I especially like the transparent red pieces. The purple cocoon sits securely on the back of the Slicer, and its four legs attach firmly. The head and front arms of the beast are what makes it most impressive. The Slicer’s cockpit blends in well to the head and has two transparent red pieces that resemble large eyes. The front arms are truly dramatic and can fold out to attack, or retract to a more passive stance.

    Shooting Device: A purple ball rests between two gray pieces where the mantis’ mouth would be. A squeeze of the gray pieces will send the ball flying – “shooting device.” Depending on how hard the pieces are squeezed this device can send the ball flying pretty fast over a surprisingly long distance. Unfortunately the ball sometimes falls out of the shooting device without any encouragement from the handler.

    Weapon Storage: The Star Slicer set has places for each minifigure’s weapons to be stowed. On the Slicer itself, the Buggoid’s blaster attaches on one side near the legs. Solomon Blaze’s twin blasters are attached to the front of the blue Galaxy Squad truck, and the blue robot’s large blaster clicks on to the back of his seat.

    Galaxy Squad Vehicle: This is one of the better Galaxy Squad vehicles included in an alien set. The truck seats both Solomon Blaze as the pilot and, behind him, the blue robot as the gunner. When needed the vehicle can split into two: the truck, still driven by Blaze, and a small hovercraft piloted by the blue robot.


    Legs: The Star Slicer’s four legs are a bit disappointing. Similar to the Crater Creeper each leg mostly consists of two or three large pieces, which detracts from the building experience. Most disappointing is the fact that the legs are totally fixed in place. It would have been fun for them to move some. A little bit of horizontal movement would add a lot to the set.

    Moving Head: The head has a curious tilting function that doesn’t seem to do anything but change the angle of the shooting device – and not by much. But there isn’t any way to lock the head in one position, so it gives in to gravity and defaults in the “down” position.

    All around this is a very enjoyable set. As with many of the Galaxy Squad pieces the Star Slicer is reasonably priced ($40) for its size and abilities. It easily dominates the battle field or makes an eye-catching display, depending on your preference. I recommend this to everyone.

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  • Star Slicer

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    Awesome Space Mantis

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    This a great Galaxy Squad set. This enemy vehicle is pretty sturdy and has some great details. The arms up and down at the shoulders and elbows, which is nice, but I personally would have preferred a wider range of motion. However, I would have preferred that the body and legs were able to move. The cockpit looks good and sits over a ball shooter. The cockpit is connected to the rest of the model by an axle through a brick with a technic pin hole, so it rest on the ball shooter and can swivel up and down. This gives the advantage of more maneuverability, but it can be out of control. The vehicle has storage for a cocoon that also is included in this set. The Galaxy Squad car for the blue faction is a great addition to this set.
    The back off the car can detach into a small flying machine. The minifigures are great too. The bug guy is exclusive to this set and is a red version of his counterparts found in 70704 and 70700. He looks great with a well detailed torso and legs that look like an exoskeleton. His head is great too with teeth like things, detailed eyes, and an extension of his back or neck. The spaceman is great too with a very detailed spacesuit and helmet. His head is great and it is double-sided with a site over one eye on one side and a site over the same eye on the other side with a breathing device. The robot is another nice figure with a well decorated torso and legs and a good head.

    Awesome Preying Mantis that looks really good
    Enemy vehicles arms move up and down at shoulders and elbows
    Mantis has a ball shooter with two balls included
    Great car with detaching flying machine
    Comes with a cocoon, two space guns, space blaster, and an alien blaster
    Cool elements
    Great minifigures

    Lots of clear stickers
    Legs and body do not move

    Overall, I give it a 9/10! This set is a great addition to any LEGO collection. It also has some great elements. I recommend this set to anyone.

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