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    Awesome Space Mantis

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    This a great Galaxy Squad set. This enemy vehicle is pretty sturdy and has some great details. The arms up and down at the shoulders and elbows, which is nice, but I personally would have preferred a wider range of motion. However, I would have preferred that the body and legs were able to move. The cockpit looks good and sits over a ball shooter. The cockpit is connected to the rest of the model by an axle through a brick with a technic pin hole, so it rest on the ball shooter and can swivel up and down. This gives the advantage of more maneuverability, but it can be out of control. The vehicle has storage for a cocoon that also is included in this set. The Galaxy Squad car for the blue faction is a great addition to this set.
    The back off the car can detach into a small flying machine. The minifigures are great too. The bug guy is exclusive to this set and is a red version of his counterparts found in 70704 and 70700. He looks great with a well detailed torso and legs that look like an exoskeleton. His head is great too with teeth like things, detailed eyes, and an extension of his back or neck. The spaceman is great too with a very detailed spacesuit and helmet. His head is great and it is double-sided with a site over one eye on one side and a site over the same eye on the other side with a breathing device. The robot is another nice figure with a well decorated torso and legs and a good head.

    Awesome Preying Mantis that looks really good
    Enemy vehicles arms move up and down at shoulders and elbows
    Mantis has a ball shooter with two balls included
    Great car with detaching flying machine
    Comes with a cocoon, two space guns, space blaster, and an alien blaster
    Cool elements
    Great minifigures

    Lots of clear stickers
    Legs and body do not move

    Overall, I give it a 9/10! This set is a great addition to any LEGO collection. It also has some great elements. I recommend this set to anyone.

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