• Vermin Vaporizer

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    Something for everybody

    Written by (AFOL) in United States,

    This is a rather impressive little set. (ok at %60 not that little). An Awesome 2 wheeled Green Team ground assault truck with what looks like an anti aircraft battery on the back. (The Alien Scorpinoid crawler things is as normal MEH.) But the truck gets better! That gun battery? Nope it's a full on Mech that hops down from the back. One of Lego's better Mech's at that.(I would love to know who the designer was for this one). Just a great little Battletech feel off this one,

    Anyway with the mech disembarked we have access to the Squads Medical and science bay, sensers, scanners and an alien pod we can investigate who hs been captured. as the main vehicle settles down to work on the needed science we can expand out. recon rescue and recovery.so the robot team and i head out in my high speed jeep to support the mech. 4 vehicles. One cocccoon2 troopers 1 foe. Yay team.

    Just a good solid set

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  • Vermin Vaporizer

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    Almost Perfect

    Written by (TFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I recently walked to my local Lego store, hoping to obtain the 2013 Star Wars sets early. When I asked the manager, he said the sets lasted a noble 2 seconds. I was about to walk out, but this set caught my eye. It was even stranger because it was on sale. I rushed to the check out line and bought it for a good 50 dollars. I soon built it and I am impressed. At first, I thought this would be a failed theme, however, my opinion has changed quite a bit. If the other sets in the series are as good as this one, this could be a long lasting theme. Now, onto the set. It has 3 minifigs, 4 separate vehicles, and loads of play features. The main vehicle, the Vermin Vaporizer is a perfect mobile vehicle with the juggernaut wheels and a nice exit door. The mech is possibly my favorite mech since Exo-Force. It really was able to stand and had an overall great design. However, where have I seen this vehicle, Metal Slug 5 anyone? Next is the moon buggy, which is alright, but could be better. The last one, and probably least, is the bug scorpian. It does have a nice design, however, its more of a battlepack vehicle. I do love the golden lightsaber handle though. The minifigs were also perfect, expecially the robot. The bug is very cool, however, why is there a Metapod on his head, lol. The captain was very nice and really made you want more. The robot is by far the best minifig in a long while, as the detail was amazing, not to say, it reminded me of Probotector. The weapons were also nice, even though I pondered why there were Lego energy swords. There is one thing that downfalls this set however. There is way too many stickers.


    • Amazing figures, expecially the robot
    • Good price
    • Lots of playability value
    • Some good extra pieces
    • Interesting concept


    • Too many stickers
    • the buggy could be better
    • I swear the instructions were messed up

    I suggest you buy it quickly, you wont regret it.

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  • Vermin Vaporizer

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    Building experience
    Value for money

    Amazing Space Set

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    The Vermin Vaporizer is an awesome addition to the LEGO Space line. The parts included in this set are amazing for any collection including a lot of interesting sideways building elements. This set has a numerous amount of functions to operate. The cockpit opens and the front door swings down to reveal a space buggy for an escape or sneak attack. Also the turret on the back becomes a mech. So, basically, you're getting three machines in one set. Also, the little bug machine is well built and provides good maneuverability. We'll start with the big one. It is built on a strong, light-wieght technic frame which can take a beating. The whole machine has two flick fire missile behind the cockpit and two more on the turret. It has two side guns that are well designed and look powerful. There is a laboratory in the back for studying a cocoon, the bugs method of capturing minifigures. The whole machine has a very nice look with a great use of side-ways building. The small car has two small guns. It looks good and has some cool elements. The mech might be my favorite part. For a small mech, the LEGO Group did a nice job on adding a lot of maneuverability. The guns are fantastic and have two flick fire missiles. The arms also provide a place to hold the robot's gun and shield. The cockpit is roomy, well built, and looks amazing and the antenna adds an nice touch. The legs give some great movement and give the option of like toe/stabilizer things. The enemy vehicle tail and legs have a wide range of motion and the vehicle comes with two flick fire missiles. The minifigures in this set are amazing! The green spaceman face is double sided with tan facial hair and some cut marks on one side and a cool breathing device on the other. His body and legs look tough and has a great sci-fi look with a green accent. The robot has a great looking head and body. His armor is very nice and tough-looking. I love the robots gun and shield, they are just have amazing details. The bug-man is amazing too with a cool "exoskeleton" look. His head has some great detail and looks fascinating. He comes with a space blaster.

    Amazing tank vehicle that breaks into multiple vehicles
    Awesome mech with cool guns and great maneuverability
    Nice small car
    Great enemy machine
    Comes with a cocoon
    Laboratory in the back of car
    Multiple flick fire missiles
    Well built and sturdy
    Cool new elements

    Lots of clear stickers became a burden while building

    Overall, I give it a 10/10! I looking forward to more Galaxy Squad sets if they are as good as this one. I recommend this set to anyone.

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  • Vermin Vaporizer

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    Building experience
    Value for money

    Bugs beware LEGO has up the ante on this one

    Written by (AFOL , silver-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I really like this set, being a space theme kinda guy I was happy to see LEGO bring space back.

    Overall I gave it a five. Which I will break down as I rated the set.

    • Building experience: 4. Building the set was really cool, LEGO has really up their designs to incorporate things that AFOL's have been doing for many years. The SNOT, side building and technic frame impressed me as soon as I saw the first page of the instruction book. Very sturdy frame and base. There is even some greebles.

    • Parts: 5. There is a lot of new parts incorporated into this set, and some good basic parts as well. Though the new parts and technic frame is what makes me give it a 5.

    • Mini fig parts. I was kind of disappointed that LEGO stayed away from air tanks akin to the classic space lines. The robot armor and helmet (or head) is very well done. And has many uses other than for the robot. The printing is nice as well.

    • Playability: 5. The multiple split function of this set is high, three ways in fact. The Whole vehicle itself is a weapons platform, then the mech in the back can deploy. The little buggy is nice if your minifig has to escape.
    • The large vehicle part: A transport for the mech and mobile lab. Works very well. The Lab has a computer slope, a large trans screen and a dish scanner. The galaxy squad member can stand at the computer safely out of harms way while analyzing the alien pod. I was confused while building, but it seems there is a spot behind the scanner and screen for the galaxy squad member to stand. But I am not sure on that part. The alien pod is a great design. The purple was a good color choice.
    • Mech: The mech is by far the best mecha robot design LEGO has came up with (in my opinion that is small). The leg design is simple yet allows for free range of movement and poses. The cockpit turns about on the hips, which is a plus in my mind. The weapons are very impressive and adding an antenna is great! And a place to put the shield and gun for the robot on the mech is very useful. Keeps things in its place.
    • Escape buggy: The buggy is small, but has a few guns and computer for control.

    • Value for money: Brickset does show the price per piece almost 12 cents a piece. I would say against this, the playability out weighs the price per piece. As mentioned above.

    • Alien buggy: Interesting design. Despite how small it is I think it does well to get the "swarm" or "insect" feel across. Legs and the tail are done well. Plus the ability of the legs to move back and forth. The alien insect is odd looking at first, but sits well in his/her little vehicle.

    I would recommend this as a mid-price set to purchase. The many functions and parts make it a good buy in my opinion.

    Now onto the roleplaying/tactical reivew. With 0 being an average.

    • Crew: One galaxy squad and one robot. For the vehicle as a whole it works. One to control the mech/guns and one to drive. The alien vehicle has one and serves it well.
    • Maneuverability: The large part of the vehicle has the four large wheels and about a 2 brick high clearance. Enough to get around on any moon or planetoid. But I would avoid any steep gullies. So I would give the large part a -1. Not as nimble as a bike, but more so than the average lego's truck.
    • The Mech has a split toe setup for stability and full range at the hips and ankle, minus any extension outwards. As a walker I would give it +1.
    • The alien vehicle looks very nimble and would most likely be able to scuttle it's way over most any obstacle. A +1 for sure.

    • Armor: The large part of the vehicle is very well armored in the front and some of the sides. No doubt to be in the front taking the battle to the insects. The canopy is low profile and round to help avoid any hits. The back is not as armored and the mobile lab has no protection unless the mech is sitting in the back. A 0 for the armor due to the lack of protection in the back.
    • Mech: The mech is fairly armored, about 1 brick in most places, so basically it's structure provides protection. The Canopy is similar to the one on the large part of the vehicle. Legs are well protected. A 0 for the mech.
    • The alien vehicle is an open cockpit style. Little protection for the driver. A -2 due to open cockpit and only structure.
    • Weapons: The large part has all the weapons if they are combined. While separate the large part has 2 cannons and two flick fire missiles. Sadly the cannons only have a fixed forward arc. You would need to turn the entire vehicle to bring the weapons to bear. Regardless if the flick fire missiles are "rockets" or "missiles" their ability to track down a target would be fairly good.
    • The buggy has two forward firing guns, that can be removed if needed.
    • Mech: While the mech is stored away, it becomes a gun turret for the whole vehicle. Alone the mech's two large cannons/lasers have their own articulated points to bear on separate targets if need be. Overall a +2 for weapons.

    • Fire control/Communications/Sensors:
    • The Fire control systems I would rate good. Good articulation and quite a few sticker computers.

    • Communications are good, antenna's on both vehicles, able to stay in contact with fellow galaxy squad members.

    • Sensors, I would like to think the red round tiles are some sort of sensors for the large vehicle. While the mech and alien vehicle rely mainly on visual sensors. A +1 overall for systems. There is a computer slope on the back for the lab and one small one on the buggy. The mech has a small one as well. I opted to put a M:Tron computer tile instead.

    Thank you.

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