• Bug Obliterator

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    The biggest and the best (so far)

    Written by (KFOL) in Australia,

    This set is just amazing. A huge tank and jet like vehicle that can split into 2, and a mosquito/scorpion mixture of an enemy vehicle. The enemy's vehicle comes with a mosquitoid, with clear green wings, head with rubber eyes, and 2 antennae. It also comes with one cocoon, which fits behind where the mosquitoid sits. It also has a bendable tail, legs that can move up and down (although not stable), and pincers that can hold a minifigure.

    The 3 Orange Team minifigures are great, the robo has wings, a big gun, and armor. The head is one piece. The 2 humans have double sided heads, one with a breathing device on one side, and tough faces on the other, and the woman has blue lipstick too. The Bug Obliterator when combined looks awesome, but since there are only wheels on the truck, when you move it the back of the jet gets dragged along. A hidden wheel at the back would've been nice. The jet's front wings can move sideways, and when separated from the truck, the jet's cockpit can move forward. The truck itself is about 3/4 the size of the jet. It has a large cockpit and the back of it can lift up to reveal flick fire missiles and a place to store the Orange robo's big gun.


    • Massive vehicle
    • 2 in 1
    • Bug vehicle looks like a bug
    • Comes with cocoon
    • Detailed figures
    • Lots of guns
    • Great boosters on back


    • Loads of stickers
    • No wheels on the back for easier moving

    Overall, a must have set for Galaxy Squad fans! 10/10.

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  • Bug Obliterator

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    Building experience
    Value for money

    Fantastic--the second best Galaxy Squad set (from the first run)

    Written by (AFOL) in United States,


    I never have too much to say on the box/instructions. The box is big and shows a battle between the aliens and the Galaxy Squad orange team. The instructions are contained in one large book (not the largest size book, but the next size down). I was honestly expecting two books, but one worked just fine.


    There are some interesting parts in this set--some wing pieces, a couple of transparent green bug wings, and some other non-standard pieces.


    The mosquito insectoid guy is awesome. He has transparent green wings, a few antennae, and some good bug-style printing on his torso and legs. His head has giant bug eyes. The head is one-piece, not a helmet.

    The orange team robot is cool, he has wings for some reason, but they just serve to make him look cooler. His laser is enormous and pretty cool. It looks good attached to the vehicle as well, so bonus.

    The two orange team members are pretty nicely detailed on their torsos and legs. The female's head is notable primarily because she's wearing blue lipstick, which is pretty cool.

    Overall, the minifigs are nice in this set, but you get Galaxy squad for the vehicles, not the minifigs.

    The build

    The build was fun. There were a few complex steps that I wasn't expecting. My three year old is an amazing builder, but there were steps he couldn't have done (since this was a selfish purchase and he's at grandma's, I ran into no trouble personally). :)

    The completed model

    The completed model is great. There are three components--the bug vehicle, the flying vehicle, and the truck vehicle. All three are great.

    The bug vehicle has a "stinger" and wings. I'm not sure what it's supposed to mimic, but it looks great, holds together well, and is very swooshable.

    The truck is cool and has a set of flickfire missiles that can extend from the top or retract using some cleverly placed technic parts. My only wish is that the tires were slightly larger.

    The flying vehicle is very cool. It's enormous and has several moving parts, but it holds together great. It can combine with the truck to make a super-vehicle, which is also very playable, and holds together well.


    The only downside--too many stickers. I'm okay with a few, but there are way too many. Still, it shouldn't stop you from getting this set. I always expect to like the team vehicles, but not the bugs. I'm always pleasantly surprised. These sets are amazing and Galaxy Squad has quickly become one of my favorite series. This is the second best set in the lot (behind the Vermin Vaporizer). Get it. Just go get it.

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  • Bug Obliterator

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    Best Galaxy Squad Set Yet!

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    This set is amazing! Its a good size model with a lot of functions. The minifigures have a lot of detail and look great. The enemy bug vehicle is well built and has many flexible parts. The legs, wings and tail all move with a good range of motion. The claw in the front is a nice touch. There is also a place to store the cocoon. The Bug Obliterator is a great vehicle when in one peice. Either a tough tank or a giant jet, it is a fascinating model. The car shoots out with a push of a button and it has four hidden flick fire missiles that can fold out. The car looks amazing! After the car is dispatched, the rest of the model folds into a fast, powerful jet. The jet is full of guns including two flick fire missiles. The engine is huge and full of details. The minifigures are great too. The evil mosquito man face is very nice with two good looking compound eyes and the antennas. The wings are detailed with bumps and hexagon shapes which make them look really good. The body and legs, looking like an insect exoskeleton, are awesome. The spaceman and woman have the same body and legs and they look wonderful. The faces are both double sided with a breathing device on the other side. The robot is amazing. The legs and torso are very detailed and the chest pad with the metal wings looks great. His head looks tough and his gun looks super powerful.

    The big Bug Obliterator can break apart into a car and a jet
    Six flick fire missiles (four on the car, two on the jet)
    Great looking engine on jet
    Bug vehicle is well built and has a great design
    Cool elements
    Cool guns on both car and jet
    Great minifigures
    Comes with a cocoon
    Comes with a powerful gun, two space guns, and an alien blaster

    Lots of clear sticks that are hard to apply

    Overall, this is a fantastic set. I give a 10/10! I recommend this set to anyone.

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  • Bug Obliterator

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    Building experience
    Value for money

    An interesting set as a return to Space

    Written by (AFOL) in United Kingdom,

    Finally, Lego Space has returned to actual space. I liked the Alien Conquest theme, but it hardly did Lego Space justice as it was not set in space. With Galaxy Squad, this is different. Lego is back in the domain of spaceships and astronauts.

    This set, as can be seen in the images, contains of four minifigures: one insect (a winged mosquito), one Galaxy Squad (GS) robot sidekick, and two humanoids, Jack Fireblade and Ashley Starstrider. The latter is unique to this set. All other minifigures are also includes in other sets. The winged mosquito is armed by an alien phaser. Ashley and Jack both wield one standard-issue gun with extension each. The robot sidekick holds what looks like an impressive BFG requiring a robot to hold it.

    The main attractions of the set are of course the insect vehicle, called Alien Dragonfly, and the Bug Obliterator, that is, the GS vehicle(s): The Alien Dragonfly is sturdy and swooshable – quite well done as insects go, if you like insect-Lego. The Galaxy Squad fighter is the set's primary vehicle. It looks pretty good and is equally swooshable. Merely the cockpit fuselage of the fighter section is so much on the blocky side that it looks a bit unlike a Lego designer's work. On the plus side, I was surprised by the vehicle's size in real life. On the images and box, it looks significantly smaller. In fact, the bug obliterator is even slightly larger than the Galactic Titan’s (70709) Deep Space Destroyer.

    The Bug Obliterator can split up into a fighter section, called “swift attack ship” by Lego, and a six-wheeled “rugged armoured rover”. Even separated, both parts look great. The rover's cockpit can house both human figures, so that the robot companion can steer the fighter (if you remove the robot's "wings"). Unfortunately, there seems to be no storage possibility for Ashley’s and Jack’s guns, or the hilariously sized robot sidearm. That's a bit sad, especially since some other GS vehicles accomodate their operator’s sidearms.

    The GS vehicle(s) leave a decidedly martial impression due to twelve forward-firing
    "guns" and six flick missiles, four of which (the ones in the ground rover) actually have a neat firing mechanism. Both fighter and rover have moving parts (wings, missile launcher etc.) and a neat separation mechanism. In other words, there is quite a bit of playability here.

    There is one thing that makes me scratch my head, though. While I love the vehicle, I'm not sure at all what it really is:

    • Is it a rover which can tug around the figher on the ground? But the centre of gravity of the docked vehicle is so far backward of the rover's wheels that the fighter actually sits on the ground.
    • Is it a fighter with the ability to deploy a ground vehicle? But in that case, the rover ended up very large.
    The set mostly consists of standard parts. There are few rarities and almost no surprises. The large canopies are nice, as are the white wing plates. The insect minifigure might be appealing, and the set contains one black arch which I haven't personally seen in any other set before. (It seems to be a superfluous part to me, though, as it can easily be built by existing parts.)

    All in all, a nice set which I can definitely recommend if you are a Lego Space fan, or want to become one.

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