• Fire Helicopter

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    there is a fire where no truck can go

    Written by (KFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I got this set at Super Target in Austin TX for $34.99 on sale (,$39.99 regular). I could only get 1 set that was on sale so I was desiding between this set and the off road fire truck with boat, and with little ATV. I decided the heli. now for pros and cons

    pros for minifigs:

    • none.):

    cons for minifigs:

    • the pilot minifigs helment falls off when I take him out of the heli.
    • same old faces but they are fine.
    • could come with 4 minifigs (3 for heli)(1 for truck)

    pros for truck:

    • licence plate
    • doors
    • radar
    • back windshild
    • cool bigger tiers
    • tale gate

    cons for truck:

    • should have a red lights on the left where the siren lights are to be more reilistic so I put red lights there (to be more reilistic)
    • no hool for hose so I put one on
    • no signals/blinkers
    • on use for the right door (The radar is in the way(That is not a con)
    • no seat

    pros for heli:

    • lots of controls (like real life)
    • light on bottom to see on the ground at night
    • wheels
    • weird hook for bucket

    cons for heli:

    • no seats in the heli
    • on use for windos
    • the center part is hard to take off (not where the pilot sits)

    pros for heli bucket:

    • none

    cons for heli bucket:

    • didden't come with enouf "water" so I put more clear blue bricks in

    get this set before your city burns down

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  • Fan of this new Copter

    Written by (AFOL , silver-rated reviewer) in United States,

    If you have previously built the Coast Guard helicopter, and have handled it as much as I have, then you will find this helicopter on the small side. The body is fairly narrow, especially after attaching the front nose and windscreen.

    It is also fairly light weight, due in part to the large front and rear pieces, but also due to the fact that TLG managed to create yet another aircraft that actually has storage in the middle. You could probably load up quite a few additional firefighters to be dropped on the ground to help in a fire.

    There are two side fuel pods or support pods for the fire fighters to sit on. They give a good tough look to the helicopter, and they make for a really neat ground effect when the helicopter is on the ground. The rear of the helicopter has a really nice low look to it.

    Even though it is smaller than the Coast Guard helicopter, it still has massive blades. Two less blades than the CG helo, but still as long, which does look like it could be able to lift the giant bucket of water. And boy does this thing have a massive engine. It looks great with so many intakes and vents all over.

    I don't want to forget to mention the truck. It has the look of a jeep, and really has a feel of a forest vehicle that could actually go in and help the pilot from the ground. It has it's own water hose...but no water supply. Oops! A minor setback in an otherwise great set.

    This is yet another beautiful vehicle set in a nearly flawless City Fire theme.

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  • Very nice fire heli

    Written by (AFOL , silver-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I really like this set, Im not a fan of numbered bags so i dump all the parts for a building challenge. Few parts are big and the bucket is strange, but the windshield and tail parts can be used for a streamline MOC plane.
    The cabin sits the pilot surrounded by detailed tiles. The inside of the helicopter is plain but seats 2 firefighters perfectly but you have to remove the helicopter engine to get there.

    The bucket is new, comes with 20 1x2 trans blue cylinder pieces for LEGO water, but I didn't keep them for long since the parts can fall out and get lost easily.

    The truck is really nice for off road and has 2 axes on the hood, functional tailgate, and fire hose.

    Overall this set is great, the heli is light weight to hold in the air with out your arm getting tired, the bucket is new and holds lots of bricks, and the truck is very playable.

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  • Fire Helicopter

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    A good all rounder

    Written by (Unspecified) in United Kingdom,

    When I saw the preview images from 2009 of the latest sets, the fire helicopter stood out from the out-of-scale eight wheeled truck, the large fire boat and the weird fire station as the one to watch. As soon as it was released, I looked at all the pictures I could find before making a choice: Helicopter or Octan tanker?

    I chose the helicopter because I'd had a hunch that it would be better. I can't say I was right or wrong, because I haven't got the tanker yet, but I must say it looks good.

    The helicopter
    The helicopter is very smooth, and the large motor adds to the authentic side of things. It fits nicely in your hand, and so you can battle it, or that kind of thing. But, However nice it is on the out side, the inside is rubbish. Two large rungs run down the inside, and mini fig's can't stand up in. That aside, there is always some modifications to be done. The good thing is that you can fit a stretcher in the back area (Or some figs, depends on what you want)

    The truck
    The truck is perfect. After 5 minutes mine had changed into a land rover-like contraption, with two seats in the cab (To do this all you need are 4 of the piece 3794; type in this link to see what I mean: http://www.bricklink.com/search.asp?colorID=5&itemID=708) which as to the fun, as fire men don't work alone!

    The verdict
    If you need a nice big helicopter, I'd get the blue one. It's cheaper, and is more civilian. If you want a lot of fun, a fire helicopter, a nice truck and some mini figs, then I'd get this (I'm considering buying another one). Just don't read the reviews on Lego.com. They don't know what their talking about.

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  • Nice, but could be more swooshable.

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    I do like helicopters, and this is a nice one, but the huge pieces make it far too light to make me think it's LEGO - does that make sense? It's not as swooshable as it could be because it's not got enough weight to it. I'll give it 3.5 out of 5 though. And the Jeep is lovely.

    Dr. S.

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