• Ready for action!

    Written by (Unspecified) in United States,

    This boat looks much better than the previous one, although having a propeller included would have been a nice bonus.

    The boom on the stern adds to the playability but it can't be extended very far due to the new lift cylinder design. there is also no way to lower the raft into the water.

    The wheel house is nicely done, as are the lower compartments. My only gripe is that there are areas of empty space towards the stern.

    Overall, this is a great set for anyone to pick up!

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  • Fire Boat

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    Ok so the boat wont float...but other than that.

    Written by (AFOL) in Canada,

    Just want to get it out of the way up front. It doesn't float! or at least that seems to be how it is, i haven't tried to float it. To be safe if your idea of a good time is grabbing your rubber ducky and your LEGO fleet, hitting the tub and doing your best Neptune then maybe you should avoid this set so this review is written from the perspective of NOT wanting to take a bath with you LEGO


    • Lots of Mini figs! This is a full crew which is more than can be said for some boat sets.
    • Realism is very high this looks much more real world than some of the other LEGO fire boats.
    • Lots of detail with the control room, rest area, bridge, bow cannon, boom cannon etc.
    • The Launch adds to both the realism and playability.
    • The boom mounted cannon.
    • Silver helmet.


    • Overpriced.
    • Bit of a simple build.
    • It doesn't float (according to reports)

    I love this set. If you don't like the preformed haul or need it to float then this won't be your set but for great playability and realism I think this hits dead on. Its a bit overpriced but if you find a good deal then snap it up.

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  • Fire Boat

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    Overpriced but worth it

    Written by (Unspecified) in United States,

    Overall this is an Ok ship. IT is far superior to the old fireboat and the old coast guard boat.

    Pieces: This Ship is jam-packed with cool pieces.
    The hull is the same that was included in the 7739 coast guard set.
    It includes 6 fire hoses/water cannons.
    Includes one large turntable piece, which i find to be very useful.
    2 hinge plates, one opens to reveal the command room the other covers the one bed for the firefighters.
    Also has 4 clear mugs.
    All firefighters have yellow lifejackets.
    captain has a silver helmet, the three other firefighters get the standard whit helmet.
    Includes 2 fire extinguishers.
    One fully enclosed mask for a firefighter that combines with the normal helmet.
    1 black axe.
    1 yellow dingy.
    5 slopes with gauges/ instruments printed on them. Including radar pieces!

    1. Price
    2. hinge bricks often break off when opening and closing
    3. basket on crane arm tends to lean downward if you rotate the arm with a firefighter in the basket.
    4. ship is unstable in water and can easily capsize

    Overall a one of the best ships that the lego city line has ever produced. The kit is not right for everyone and at a price of 50 U.S. dollars think about it before purchasing it.

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  • great ship filled with functions

    Written by (AFOL , silver-rated reviewer) in United States,

    This ship is filled with fuctions, from the front to the end. However, for $50 it's still overpriced somehow. I highly recommend you to grab yours now at local ToysRus for 50% off (see promotions)

    Large ship
    Two control rooms, one inside the ship, one shown in photo
    A crane with water hose
    4 additional water hose around the ship
    A yellow speed boat, which is kinda rare

    Few pieces
    A bed on the ship? How come that LEGO puts beds in new fire line so frequently?
    Stickers, but no too much

    At such high price, this set is recommended for the people who doesn't have any fire ship but wants one. Otherwise, it's better to save your money for other sets.

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  • Fire Boat

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    Meant for Dry Dock

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    This was a pricey lil number and unfortunately the tub-play fell a bit short.

    Not only was I concerned about pieces detaching and going down the drain, but the ship itself didn't float for very long, so the advertising on the box wasn't exactly truthful. Also, its main hull is kind of bulky if you are looking at the value of dismantling and storing.

    However as a playset on land, it is great. My son had a better time playing with the different aspects and enjoyed the control room and many figures it came with.

    I hate to give a mediocre review since I do love my Lego products but I did feel a little jilted by this product.

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