• Police Motorcycle

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    Written by (KFOL) in United States,

    My review of the lego Police Motercycle.

    The lego 7235 Police Motercycle is pretty amazing. I recieved this set from my Aunt last Christmas along with many other police sets. This set was very easy to build. It was also quite fun. This set doesn't have many parts, but the parts it has are very nice. This set is fun to play with but it doesn't feel right to just have a police motercycle patrolling the city alone without a base, so I reccomend getting a police station or the mobile command center to go with it. I think this set is worth the money and that you should really get it while it is still available. Overall, I give this set 4.9 stars.

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  • Police Motorcycle

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    Building experience
    Value for money

    Chase the Robbers back to Prison!

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in New Zealand,

    Here is my review of the LEGO set 7235 Police Motorcycle. Normally, I am not into CITY Police, but, seeing this set on the shelf just got me. So here we go.


    A standard Police minifigure with a motorcycling helmet. Not anything flash, but good for building your CITY Police collection.


    The Motorcycle itself isn't much to look at, just a motorcycle bike and frame, with Police stickers to identify it, and a couple of lights to pull over cars. The build takes no more than 5mins maximum.

    Finished set:

    Looks good and can stand up by itself, so it won't go and fall over all the time. The tyres on the Bike, aren't that good, the axle is very easy to break-(I have bought several replacement for my sister!) Worth adding to your CITY/Police collection.

    Now, on to the Pros and Cons.


    * Police minifigure.

    * A New Motorcycle.

    * Completed set doesn't take long to build.

    * The Motorcycle stands up by itself.


    * STICKERS. Fiddley ones at that!

    * There is NO ROBBER TO CATCH!

    * No scenery, which is a shame because that would give it a better look.


    Add it to your CITY Police collection. Why? Because I feel that the Pros outweigh the Cons. All in all it is an O.K. set, not the besst around, but still worth getting to enlarge you CITY Police collection. 4/5


    P.S. Please take a look at my other reviews and my bricklists.

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  • Police Motorcycle

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    Buy a lot of these

    Written by (AFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I've noticed even as of late, you only get this kind of two-wheeled, thick-end motorbike in BIG sets. So to get this, you'd have to get those and you know how Lego is with money and numbers.

    Some unique pieces here. There's the wheel frames with pegs already in them, the front bike frame, and T-Pieces. If you love T-Pieces and know how to use them, invest on these.

    The design is just loveable and it just works well. The motorbike can stand on its own despite its thin wheels, and the T-pieces keep it from falling to the side.

    To think that the Disneyland branch had a shelf full of these guys (as of two days before review date), and this is a set from 2005. Ive been to so many TRU's, Departments and Brand stores that I've only heard stories of this set's existence. I just wish I had more spending money to buy a whole bunch, even at 4 bucks a pop, but there was so much else in that store that I wanted.

    So if you ever see one, get one. Before they run out.

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  • Quick and easy to build!

    Written by (Unspecified , bronze-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    This is an amazing set and was quick and easy to build!

    Walkie talkie falls off a lot.

    This set was a big addition to my lego city and i had lots of fun with it!!
    It was even more fun when i made a scene with the...
    Nah we'll save that for another review.

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  • great if you don't have 7237

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    My last review was not as good as it could of been so I will try to make this one better. back to the set, it is also good if do have 7237 because it makes a nice addition to any lego city.

    pros: figure is rare
    cons: none

    pros: has grey "T" pieces to stop the bike falling over
    cons: none

    pros: radio
    cons: none

    pros: quick, easy, strong
    cons: none

    pros: cheap
    cons: should be £1.45 cheaper

    I recommend this set to anyone who likes lego city
    I hope you found my review helpful

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