• Police Station

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    This is one heck of a police station

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    I got this set for Easter in 2006 and it took me two days to build. After that, I started playing with it and found it to be quite amusing. This was my second city set and it helped me get my city started. It eventually fell apart and I forgot about it for about two years until i got interested in city again. I looked and looked and found the instructions. After that, I digged for the right pieces and finally rebuilt it. It still remains in one piece. I learned a valuable lesson after that which is never take this set apart and forget about it because it may become valuable eventually. I would as well definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a good police station.

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  • City: Police Station

    Written by (Unspecified) in United States,

    This is a classic set. Everything is great about this set. One of the police man has a flashlight that lights up when you press lightly on his head. The architecture of the Police Station is great, I like the independent jail cell, and all three vehicles are awesome! Awesome set :-)!

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  • Helicopter, Motorbike, and Van

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    THis is a great set. My friend always begs me to give it to him.

    2 K-9 Patrol Dogs
    Policeman with flashlight
    Lots of figs
    Fingerprint analysis room
    Interrogation room
    Radar/Command Post
    Small Jail
    2 robbers
    Moveable Helicopter Landing Pad (makes it realistic)

    If you apply force to the Helicopter Landing Pad while it is away from the bridge it will break.


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  • best police station so far!

    Written by (Unspecified , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I got this set at legoland california in august 2007, and i could not wait to build it. I took
    an hour or so to build it, and it was very nice. I bought a police car to go with it and with the
    added police car, the police station was much better. I would recomend this set to any city fan, police lover, or just plain anybody who likes legos.This set has at least 42 hours of play on it if you have other buildings, so all in all this is THE perfect set.

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  • Vehicles !

    Written by (Unspecified) in United States,

    This is the 2005 police station, it is black, not blue. It has a cool color combination, along with enough crime fighting tools to suit even the biggest city. I am breaking it down into four parts:

    Motor Cycle-
    -Includes police officer
    -Detachable wheel set & tools
    -Cool headlights

    Jail Van / Dog Van-
    -Includes police officer and dog
    -Opening back door
    -Cool van, made on a car base plate

    -Includes police officer
    -Opening cockpit with controls
    -Space behind officer for either tools or a criminal

    Police Building-
    -Includes police officer (I did not get one figure), a dog, and two criminals
    -Jail has sliding door on one end, and breaking wall on another end
    -Has metal detector, mug shot room, confession room, finger print room, and control room
    -Bridge to Helicopter stand


    -Not much space in Jail Van
    -Helicopter stand is not much
    -Mine was missing the equivalent to the light up minifig

    Overall, Get this set it has all the police vehicles that you would ever want.

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