• We Would Be Going To The Fire, But We Don't Know Where It Is

    Written by (Unspecified , silver-rated reviewer) in Australia,

    I think this set is great. I like how it has a Reception Area, Control Tower and Carport. It is well spaced out and not too large and ugly like the 7945 Fire Station. I really like the little wagon and I was lucky enough to get this as Christmas present in 2006

    -Works well with sets 7238, 7241 and 7239
    -Includes lots of great accessories including Gas Mask Equipment and Megaphone
    -Includes Slide Pole
    -Includes Control Tower, Reception Area and Carport with gate
    -Set includes Fire Wagon that fits in carport
    -Great Price, 50 Dollars AUD

    -Set has stickers
    -Is Slide Pole meant to work Manually or Automatically?
    -Ladder is difficult for the firemen to transport

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  • Very nice building!

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    This is a new good set! Finally a good building is out! Nice red colors. Cool firemen with even better gadgets such as a chain saw, axe, shovel, oxy tank, breather mask, walkie talkie and more! The first level is a check-in room with a desk! It has a garage with a cool fire SUV in it. The final floor has the main base room with cool computers! Oh, and the elevator thing is a cool touch! Quite a nice thing to have in the town! Get it for the men, buildings and equippment!

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  • The Fire Stations make Lego Worth Buying...

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    I think there was only 1 fire staion not buying, but this one is better than that one(01-02-03???)

    Anyway this set is awesome, i did a little reorgainsing like making Fire Car Sets fit on the rooftop, took the alarm sign and put it buy the guy on the bottom level and moved the keyboard on the top over 2 bricks.....

    Useful...i bought it cause it reminded me of Ladder 49 the movie...good movie, much inspiration for my city....

    LEGO IS AWESOME and i hope the expand this theme with more sets and different minifg faces for each one....like the sad truth that i have 4 beared guys(oh man!)

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  • V.Good! 4/5!

    Written by (Unspecified) in Poland,

    Fantastic set! It has a lot of minifigures, a lot of equimpment and a lot of details. Building has garage, 2 offices and a pipe. It's included a fireman's truck too. V.Good set.

    +Big building!
    +A lot of mini-figures and accresories
    +Details, details, details!

    -...which haven't doors
    -Set can be better


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  • Happy but not Impressed...

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in {Unknown},

    I was really, really looking forward to more Garage Door elements as they were included in the City Airport.

    But... I was impressed with the amount of detail included in the set, the price point ($30!!!), and the yellow Castle
    shields to boot!!

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