• Prisoner Transport

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    Stands the test of time.

    Written by (TFOL , silver-rated reviewer) in United States,

        Okay, first of all, this set was an amazing build. Made in 2005 I bought it in 2008 still in stores! The building was very enjoyable as I was a slow builder back then (making each piece I put on more savor-able) The price should have been $10.00. The minifigures are normal, but cool. After I built it, my dad put it away in the basement for storage difficulties. Now In 2010 I have discovered it still intact, surviving 2 floods. Lego done a good job 5/5.

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  • Another Great Addition to the Police Range…

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    Finally, it came back into stock at Argos so I reserved one online and collected it from the local store the day after! I had been looking for this set for quite a while and I am pleased to finally have it as part of the collection.

    The set is supplied with two minifigs; a police officer and a criminal with a mischievous grin! The only accessory provided is a small loudhailer. The build was nice and simple; the chassis is a one piece plate on which the rest of the van is built. The colour scheme is uniform white with grey wheel arches and trim. The small cab seats just one minifig (the police officer, unless something has gone horribly wrong and the criminal gets in there!). This area is very simple and features just one yellow seat, steering wheel but no doors! There is an observation window from the cab into the cell; there are also colour coordinated lockers on either side of the vehicle. The cell is quite large (for the one supplied minifig) and contains nothing! I guess if they’ve done wrong they are denied any comfort at all. Grey doors and barred windows complete the cell nicely. The roof of the cell is fully removable so that access can be gained and this area is decorated with blue lights, air-horns, GPS dish and a searchlight. The set also features graphics which need to be applied, I don’t mind these as my sets are placed on display, but the graphics do cover more than one brick, therefore limiting deconstruction and rebuilding.

    In summary, the set looks great, a few issues could have been addressed but it looks excellent when displayed with the other sets from this line.

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  • I am still smiling even though a police officer has caught me - criminal

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    you might of noticed that the police officer is frowning even though he has caught a criminal :) anyway back to the set

    pros: both are nice to have in a lego city
    cons: both can be found in other sets

    prisoner transport
    pros: doors open at the back, has compartments to strore items, light on top of the transport's roof can turn
    cons: none

    WARNING TO ALL STICKER HATERS: this set has stickers

    pros: doors
    cons: none

    pros: easy, strong
    cons: none

    pros: worth it
    cons: none

    I recommend this set to any city fan
    I hope you found my review helpful

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  • Very nice set

    Written by (Unspecified) in United States,

    A excellent addition to any city. The Van is easy to build, very roomy and comes with a criminal and police officer fig.

    A unique frame to build off is also nice. The only odd thing was my stickers came as Blue and not Black. I haven't seen Blue on any police vehicles so I am not sure if this is a misprint or intended.


    Easy build
    Nice parts
    low cost
    Roomy rear carrying area.


    Blue stickers...not really bad though
    Roof falls off easy
    Rear section can fall apart easy in the hands of a child

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  • Very roomy

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Canada,

    I enjoy this set because the interior can fit more than one prisoner. The set comes with a megaphone, radar, doors at the rear, officer and prisoner. The idea of using bars for the window is ingenious. The truck is very durable. Overall great price and nice set.

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