• Police Station

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    one of the best

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    I think it is one of the best because it is great to my collection. It is tall and

    roomy inside of it and great play ablity.



    play ablity

    great minifigs





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  • Police Station

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    Value for money

    A very nice and playable Police Station

    Written by (AFOL) in Switzerland,

    This set is featured in a documentary on DiscoveryChannel related to the Factory LEGO , as the best selling game in the world.
    Every three years the LEGO renews this set of CITY to update with the latest trends in the series, and the one presented in this review was published in 2011 , the set is aimed at fans of at least six years of age, the set is sold in a large box, perhaps the largest if you exclude those used for special series and exclusive to the riots AFOL and consists of:

    • Garage with two parking spaces for two dampers
    • Two police cars
    • Prison cells with two
    • Police offices spread over three floors
    • You are more minifigs dog cop
    • A white bicycle
    • Heliport
    Inside the box, there are nine envelopes containing brick, a 32x32 baseplate , a 16x32 baseplate , four booklets instructions to create, respectively, the two police cars, the prison / garages, and offices.
    The recent policy of advertising LEGO is very focused on the subset POLICE (just look at the official website of the LEGO ) and with this set offers great ideas for inventing stories based on the classic cops and robbers.
    The police station is always a must that can not be missing in the collections CITY, this year was equipped with two cells with secret passages and hiding for thieves, and a beautiful police dog with a dedicated kennel. Unuseful say that it is a set with 783 pieces , while not requiring special skills to the assembky, you really have to budget to dedicate at least three / four hours for its installation.
    Wanting to follow the istruction flow expected from LEGO, you start with the installation of the police car 01 , which represents the classic Police car, the assembly proceeds without problems and returns a machine designed with a width of four stud, tires a little out of the body car and with only two studies are not covered by flat tile.
    Then proceed to the assembly of the police car 02, it is large four stud, and representative of a police van with a rear door that serves both for the transport of a robber (which actually is a little tight and needs to lie down ), or of a police dog. In this case, the car 02 I would have liked a width of six studies in order to get a bigger space that would enable them to better accommodate the passenger. The car assembly proceeds without problems and returns a van with the front of virtually identical to 01 but higher.
    Completed cars, starts to the assembly of the station itself, we begin with the garage that will contain the 01 and 02 cars, in this case it uses the 32x32 baseplate which has two small roads leading to the garages, which have on the a front flap to close the same, made ??for a good part in transparent Plexiglas that allows a glimpse of what's inside. In this case, it should be noted that the garage for the car 02 is too short, in fact the same can not be totally into it, and when the damper is closed, the back comes out of the garage, in my opinion, the depth should be the same increased by at least two if not four stud.
    Near to the garage there is a room that serves as a beautiful dog kennel for the police dog, with the entrance on the back of the station and bowl with a bone.
    On top of the garage are placed the two cells for thieves to which they are accessed by a ladder placed on the left side of the structure of the garages. The cells are from the same accoumate structure built in mirror image, there is a common mechanism that allows the OPENING of the sliding doors, also within each of them is the bed with the secret hideout of the "crowbar" to escape, and a bathroom / toilet that hides the secret exit to allow the escape for the robber.
    I find these cells very well made ??and cured, and I struggle to find defects, than to share the mechanism for opening doors, but it seems to be a design decision to recall the old-fashioned prison cells imprisonment. For what concerns the assembly of this part, I do not think that there are particular difficulties, and I think should be reported only the widespread use of vertical plate to make the outer walls, thus obtaining two advantages for LEGO : the first is greater simplicity assembly, and the second, less use of brick, in particular, I believe that this choice do not like to many AFOL , but we know that these sets still represent a compromise between price and range of users is not too high.
    As far regarding the minifig, the two robber are really nice to see (even if more should be differentiated from each other) and only leave to the imagination than a thousand locations on the classic Cops and Robbers , marrying perfectly the atmosphere of the prison at hard labor; Moreover, it is also very interesting minifigs of cop that represents a note of color in a world that usually LEGO had reserved for male characters.
    Completed cells and garages, we proceed to the construction of offices spread over three floors that are flat on the 16x32 baseplate, in this case the ground floor is the entrance to the room the dog cop, complete with bowl and bone, and the office the operations center where there is a wide-screen to control all cameras with a swivel chair to watch the whole thing.
    On the first floor is the office place for photos with lots of signs still camera and flash, and a very compact computer station, the second floor there is a coffee machine with a bottle of water nearby, both very well made ??and a desk topped with a diamond and notes (to mimic a possible seizure of thieves), and finally on the roof of the offices is installed a helipad, simple and successful.
    Even the structure of the offices, it should be noted the extensive use of vertical plate to make the outer walls, in addition, after completing the assembly of the structure, from an overall view of the apparent lack of a staircase connecting the several floors of offices (especially, the second floor and roof are isolated), ladders, which instead have been provided for cells that are located above the garages.
    Completed the police offices, it must be united to all the garages / cells using pins technic is to be mounted in brick tecnic specifically placed on the sides of the two structures, in addition, the compactness of the structure is also guaranteed by the flat tile 4x2 and tile 2x2 gray that combine the two baseplates.
    Complete the set a white bicycle (which for a long time did not appear in this color in any LEGO set) a bush, two signs POLICE and a light pole resting on the whole baseplate.
    At the end of the assembly I believe that could be considered:

    • Set very beautiful, very playable, and both large and small
    • Set that has three different environment: Garages, Cells and Offices very well joined together
    • Police Dog
    • Secret exit from the cells fo the escape
    • Minifig: female cop and robbers
    • Accessories offices very well made

    • Garage 02 short, and can not fully contain the 02 car
    • The car 02 could be large six stud in order to better contain a robber ofìr the police dog
    • Excessive use of high vertical plate 5
    • Lack of a staircase leading to offices in the structure of
    • Excessive use of adhesives

    Conclusions :
    This is a set of very nice that you can not miss the collection of small and AFOL . Has many ideas to invent story with whom to spend hours playing. Is not without some problems such as the length of the garage 02 or the width of the car 02, but overall it is a set highly recommended !

    Overall rating:

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  • Police Station

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    Excellent set with huge playability

    Written by (AFOL , silver-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    This is an excellent set. Good build, good looks, good pieces but where I think this will really hit the spot is the playability. There are two vehicles - police car and van. The van has class sides so don't leave the dog in there when it's sunny! There is also the helipad if you have the police chopper. Fits nicely, I checked. You have two criminals, 4 police figs and the dog (complete with bowl and bone). Within the set there is are the two cells, big screen to watch the activities, somewhere to take the mugshots and even a bit for Lego CSI! The criminals can keep their crowbars secretly hidden under their beds before breaking out through the wall in the cell, climbing down the pipe and disappearing on the police bicycle!!

    I have the previous station and this is a step up in my opinion. It looks great in my city and provides loads for younger ones to play with.


    • Enjoyable build
    • HUGE playability
    • Good minifigs
    • Nice touch having the helipad


    • Quite pricey (£72 retail UK)

    I think this is a brilliant set for all. As I've said looks good in a city for any AFOL's but would also be a great set for the younger generation who are getting into Lego. Hope this review is helpful. Happy building!

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  • Police Station

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    Building experience
    Value for money

    The best police station!

    Written by (TFOL) in Australia,


    This set comes in a very big box, as expected for a 125 dollar set. There is 4 insruction booklets, which is not very good, they should go back to the previous way. Plus, the instuction books are in poor condition as well.


    There is so many good parts in this great set. There is 6 minifigures and the dog. The food bowl and bowl and bone are awesome. The big TV and revolving chair are good too.



    One with crowbar 2.5/5

    One with gem and jacket 4/5


    Female 5/5

    One with handcuffs 3/5

    One with information sheet 4/5

    One with blue jacket 5/5

    Dog 5/5

    The build

    It was a very enjoyable build and used many good techniques. The two cars are very good but the bike is just a pushbike. Groan.

    The completed model

    The completed model is fantastic. It is huge!


    This set is fantastic and looks so good in a city.

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  • Police Station

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    best set ever

    Written by (Unspecified) in United States,

    This is the best set you can buy. I love this set i love that it has the helicopter landing pad because im going to get the police helicoper soon.


    good value,new dog,one of the police is kinda like a rookie,alot of light blue glass peices,the new crowbar peice,and the stairs up to the jail cells.


    very few. I wish that there was a bigger van so it can be like another prisoner transport,and the jail cells i wish that cell opened one at a time

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