• TIE Crawler

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    Star Wars Set #10: 7664 TIE Crawler

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    This is it. The big ten. And it's a very great set!


    It was a fairly large box, with lots of content. It shows the crawler with the cockpit more towards the rear, guns blazing. The set itself certainly does justice to the appearance on the box. As for the instructions, this was the first set where two instruction manuals were included. The first manual constructs the cockpit and one of the treads. The second builds the second tread and the missile mounted at the bottom of the craft.

    The Pieces:

    As you may expect from some of these ground sets, this one includes a butt-load of treads. One hundred sixty-two, to be exact. It's not the sandcrawler from 2005 (which had two hundred seventy-two), but it's still a lot. It uses a lot of pieces a standard TIE fighter would use, but it also has a few others.

    The Minifigures:

    The set includes two shadow stormtroopers. They never showed up in any of the movies, but black stormtroopers are pretty awesome. Just possessing armor like that would be the coolest thing ever.

    The TIE Crawler:

    I will admit that this is a VERY cool ship. Or vehicle, whatever you may call it. It's pretty loaded with features. The cockpit can open up to fit one shadow stormtrooper. It's a pretty spacious cockpit, with plenty of room to breathe. Mounted below the cockpit is a flick-fire missile, and not the kind that's used now, but the kind that was used back in '07. It's not a great flick-fire missile (when have they ever been great?), but it's as good as it's gonna get. It does look cool. The detailing on the rear of the cockpit is also very cool. The stick with four domes is almost like a handle you can hang on to to move it forward and backward. Moving on to the treads, you will see right away that they can rotate 360 degrees. I prefer them when they stick out in front of the cockpit, but it's entirely up to you. I've also driven it when the cockpit towers above the ground, and that looks pretty great. The treads help move the vehicle forward and backward, and they work best on carpet. On the side of the treads are hidden guns that flip out for a surprise attack. They work very effectively. An extra feature that I made up is removing the entire outer section of the tread and putting an extra stormtrooper in there. Because of how thick the treads are, it actually works quite well. Overall, a very neat vehicle!

    The Final Verdict:

    Pieces - 10/10 - Great piece choices, especially the treads.

    Minifigures - 10/10 - Black stormtroopers. Enough said.

    TIE Crawler - 9/10 - The flick missile docked points.

    Final result - 9.67/10. It's a great vehicle all in all!

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  • TIE Crawler

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    Great Tank

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I got this at amazon,and I was not dissapionted with this set.But what I don't understand is why everbody thinks this is Garbage and So what if the Most of the pieces are treads.


    The box has a grassland background with the TIE Crawler in it.And the instructions are nothing special (Just ordinary gray color on the inside).


    Two satelite dish pieces,a printed Glass sheild and lots of treads(and more lego peices)


    Two Rare Shadow Stormtroopers

    The build -Very Standard

    The completed model

    Nice!Great exterior and looks menacing


    Despite all the other reviews that say this set is bad,I think this set is quite good.If you find this set buy it.

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  • Too many treads

    Written by (Unspecified) in United Kingdom,

    This set has 568 pieces but 163 of them are treads!

    - Opening cockpit
    - Hidden missiles
    - The two giant wheels can turn over either way
    - Shadow Troopers
    - 4p off RRP on Amazon {GASP}

    - 163 tire treads
    - Nowhere for other Trooper
    - Bottom rocket always falls out

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  • One of my Favorites

    Written by (Unspecified) in United States,

    This set has got to be one of my favorites.


    minifigures (awesome!)
    tank treads
    no stickers


    flick fire missile

    Overall, set gets 5/5. if you don't have it, buy it, immediately!

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  • A bad price for a great set

    Written by (Unspecified , bronze-rated reviewer) in Canada,

    This is a great lego set. It is durable and looks great on display. I have to say that this is one of my favorite lego sets ever built.

    -has two guns that come out of its sides.
    -comes with two shadow troopers
    -has a great design
    -the treads work great and don't fall apart
    -stays together and looks great
    -it has no stickers
    -has a good amount of pieces
    -cockpit does'nt fall off (unlike other tie fighters)
    -instructions are easy to read

    -treads made from 162 individual parts (it drives you crazy after a bit)
    -the price

    This is a great lego set. I would recommend it!

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