• Rebel Scout Speeder

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    7668: Rebel Scout Speeder - Gran set de coleccionista.

    Written by (AFOL) in Spain,

    Para mi, este set es obligatorio en todo coleccionista de Lego Star Wars apesar de que no exista en la galaxia de Star Wars.

    Por mi parte, lo compré en ebay junto a su gemelo por parte del imperio, 7667, por 15€ cada uno. Hacía tiempo que quería tenerlo pero los precios de los pocos que quedan en tiendas son muy altos.


    Desgraciadamente no venían en el lote, pero he podido seguir el montaje gracias a las instrucciones que hay en esta magnífica página. Fácil montaje y divertido.


    El speeder tiene un buen diseño, pero a la hora de sentar a los cuatro minifiguras se hace complicado, por lo que hay que poner una es la torreta.

    Para mi sorpresa la torreta se puede quitar y dejar separada del speeder como avanzadilla o apoyo a las tropas que acaban de desembarcar.


    Contiene cuatro minifiguras con buen diseño de vestuario con sus armas. Son Minifiguras dificil de encontrar y caras. El hecho de que tengan la misma cara o graduación no me parece un handicap para comprarlo. Te abre la imaginación para que los rediseñes.


    Fácil montaje y rápido. Divertido, ya que haces dos partes el speeder y la torreta.


    En resumen lo dicho, es obligatorio tenerlo en la colección. Da mucho juego en una batalla como avanzadilla, aunque para ello haya que comprar al menos dos.

    Como ventaja, al menos para mi, tiene ese aire retro que tiene el episodio IV de la guerra de las galaxias. :)

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  • Rebel Scout Speeder

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    LEGO Star Wars - Rebel Scout Speeder

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    The Rebel Scout Speeder set (7668) is a LEGO Star Wars set which came out in 2008. It comes with 4 minifigs and 82 pieces. This set does include a few decals and there're no mistakes in the instructions and no missing pieces.


    Rebels (4x): The rebels are new with this set. The helmets have new design and the black visor is attached to the helmet. The visor doesn't move. The rebels have gray pants, blue shirts and black vest. They also come with some nice markings on their heads.


    The speeder looks very nice. There're 2 blasters on each side and you can put in 3 rebels into the speeder. There's also a turret which you can take of and it does sviwel full 360°. The engine is made out of a piece which LEGO uses for the tyres.


    Great pieces which you can youse for brickfilms or MOC's
    Nice starter set
    Great army builder


    Not so many play features
    Too easy to build

    All in all it's a great set to get and I would highly recommend you to get this model. You can find this set on eBay, BrickLink and Amazon for sure. Here is the link where you can check out the full galery I made for this set on my website: http://www.klokriecher.de/

    Videos I made of this set:


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  • Rebel Scout Speeder

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    I'm running out of Star Wars quotes appropriate for the sets.

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in Canada,

    Set #7668 Rebel Scout Speeder: The second batch of Battle Packs included troop building opportunities for your Rebel army and your Imperial army. And it also introduced the Rebel Scout Trooper Helmet.

    In fact I believe that this set marks the first time we get to see the LEGO Rebel Trooper represented in Mini-Figure form. Past Starfighter sets only included Technicians and Mechanics as extra Mini-Figures. This set is worth owning more than one of, I'm just sad I only got one of it rather than the three or four necessary to populate the Tantive IV with enough troopers to battle the Stormtroopers.

    The Rebel Scout Speeder is an interesting vehicle as well, it could fit in with any Yavin IV display I'd wager and it has two seperate pieces, the speeder part which can seat two and the weapon tower that sits a third trooper and is detachable as a stationary defense unit. The stickers for details are minimal and don't get in the way as some stickers have a tendancy of doing, and the fact that you get four Rebel Scout Troopers and four blasters for them is great incentive to pick this set up. If you haven't gotten one already I'd say you should.

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  • Rebel Scout Speeder

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    Expanded Universe? (The most owned set right now)

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,


    I've had this set for a while, and it's good for what it is.

    Building Experience

    A very short build. Not much else to say. 4/5


    See that piece on the top of the turret that's the actual "gun"? That's the one piece in the old podracer sets. Probably not the same color, but there is always paint. :)

    The Helmet/Strap-painted-on-the-face combo was very creative on LEGO's part. 5/5


    Has VERY high playability for its size. Get a couple of these and you're set to go for a LEGO SW Rebel Army. 5/5

    Value for Money

    $10's almost pushing it, but I can't complain much. 4/5


    Not bad. Not bad at all. Great army-builder and regular set. It makes sense that this is the most owned set.


    Actual Average: 28/30, 93.3%

    (Sorry for a short review)

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  • Cool Little Speeder.

    Written by (Unspecified , silver-rated reviewer) in United States,

    This set is surprisingly fun to play with. You can stage battles with the Imperial Dropship and display them. This Includes two blaster rifles and two blasters. You can take the laser turret off to become a separate defense turret.

    Hours of fun!
    Cannon can separate.
    Rebel soldiers.
    Turret can swivel 360 degrees.


    I like this set a lot. Get this if you can find it.

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