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    Star Wars Set #11: 7672 Rogue Shadow

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    Even though this set doesn't come from the six films, it's a pretty cool ship. It's packed with features like the TIE crawler, and it looks amazing.


    The box is a decent size for a fifty-dollar set. It looks intimidating as it flies over Mustafar, firing its missiles from it's port-side...wing, I guess you could call it. And for the first time, I got a box that contained numbered bags. They play a pretty great role later in the Star Wars line, especially as you approach 2010. I believe this is the only 2008 set that had numbered bags. I have no complaints, though. It makes the building more fun and interesting. Eight numbered bags are included in this set. This is a thing that will appear in most of my reviews: what each numbered bag holds. They too will have their own section of the review.

    -Bag One contains the three minifigures and the cockpit of the ship.

    -Bag Two contains the rear starboard section of the ship.

    -Bag Three contains the starboard "wing". Let's just stick with that term.

    -Bag Four contains the rear port section of the ship.

    -Bag Five contains port wing, as well as the section that crosses in front of the cockpit.

    -Bag Six contains some extra detailing. (landing gear, weapons, and outer armor)

    -Bag Seven contains the starboard-side wings. These don't use quotes, because they legitimately are wings.

    -Bag Eight contains the port-side wing and the special weapon.

    The instructions are split into two booklets. Book one constructs bags one through five, and bag two constructs bags six through eight. The build goes so much faster this way.

    The Stickers:

    There are only three stickers here, and all of them are the Imperial logo. To be honest, only one is used, and is placed on the port-side rear section.

    The Pieces:

    Lots of black and dark gray pieces are used here, but that's how most sinister Imperial ships look. The technic shooter is introduced once again, put into the ship at bag six, but I'll get more in-depth about that later. The cockpit piece is also a great piece to have.

    The Minifigures:

    All of the minifigures are built in bag one. The first one built is the battle-damaged Darth Vader. He is an excellent figure, and I love his "blown-up helmet" piece. He also includes a full helmet. Starkiller is the next figure, and he is probably the best figure of the set. Like Vader, he includes a red lightsaber. The front detailing is phenomenal, so I wouldn't mess with him. The third figure is officer Juno Eclipse. She also has two headpieces. One of them is a black officer cap, and the other is her blonde hair. She is also a very great figure.

    The Rogue Shadow:

    I'll divide the review into eight sections, because of how many numbered bags are included.

    Bag One:

    The first thing to be constructed is the cockpit module. When finished, the cockpit can open up to fit one minifigure inside (I've put Juno in there most of the time). There is also a little back compartment, and I use that to store a weapon of some sort. When Starkiller pilots the ship, that's where I store his lightsaber. I would say the cockpit could open at the front, but seeing as it gets blocked off by the crossblock (which I will talk about later), it doesn't really count as a feature.

    Bag Two:

    After the cockpit is finished off, you build the rear starboard section. This is how the rotating wing mechanism is born. As you rotate the awesome-looking engine module, it rotates a technic gear, which will move the wings. The gear is yellow, so it stands out in contrast to the almost-completely-black ship. Nonetheless, the feature is very much effective.

    Bag Three:

    The front starboard section contains the panel in which the technic shooter pops out. The shooter itself isn't built in this part, the panel is. The panel opens up almost all the way back.

    Bag Four:

    The rear port section contains two "flick-fire missiles". They aren't really flick-fire, but they are removable. A lever at the side of the ship pops them up. Sometimes they actually come out of their spots, so it's somewhat effective.

    Bag Five:

    The front port section is thinner than the starboard side, but it too has a panel that you can open almost completely the whole way. In this section, however, is a storage area for two blaster rifles. This section also builds the crossblock, which prevents the windscreen from opening outward as mentioned in Bag One.

    Bag Six:

    More detail is added to the ship as you begin the second manual and the sixth bag. The shooter is added into the starboard panel, where it pops out with a lever underneath. when the shooter's lever makes contact with the edge of the ship, the shooter pops out. The shooter, of course, isn't added until last. The landing gear is also attached to the ship. It folds in and out as it flies and lands. Finally, the weapons are added onto the ship.

    Bag Seven:

    The starboard-side wing is added. There really isn't a feature to this, except it rotates thanks to the mechanics of Bag Two.

    Bag Eight:

    The port-side with is now added on, as well as the rocket. That completes the ship, basically.


    When finished, the ship looks very nice and sinister. The asymmetry is a good look for the ship. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that you should fold up the landing gear before turning the wing mechanism. When that's done, you're good to go and ready to fly!

    The Final Verdict:

    Pieces - 10/10 - A great selection of parts, especially the cockpit and technic shooter.

    Stickers - 10/10 - Only three, and only one is used!

    Minifigures - 10/10 - All excellent!

    Rogue Shadow - 9/10 - The missile function (not the shooter) doesn't work as well as one would like, so that docks a couple points.

    Final result - 9.75/10 - A very nice and fun ship that's loaded with fun. Enjoy it!

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  • Rogue Shadow

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    Not bad, LEGO...

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    I like this set. Great minifigs, detail, and pieces.


    • Pro 1. Very nice detail, looks very much like the Video Game.
    • Pro 2. Minifigs are exclusive, great detail. I like hoe they use an old piece for Darth Vader instead of using an entirely new one.
    • Pro 3. Great set.


    • Con 1. Has the missile element, which is not in the Video Game.
    • Con 2. Juno having eye color when everyone else doesn't makes her the oddball out, and is wierd to see two people with black eyes and not her.
    • Con 3. It feels incomplete, like it is missing something...

    Overall, great set! I was very impressed when I got the game to see how much it looked like it. The cons are minor and don't block out any pros.

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  • Rogue Shadow

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    Great and unjustly overlooked little gem!

    Written by (AFOL) in Netherlands,

    I recently purchased this set and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Although this ship is largely unknown as it only appeared in a SW videogame, the model itself is outstanding in every way. This is one of those rare asymmetrical models and although it mostly fails aesthetically, this one seems to pull it off. Playability of this one is through the roof; It offers the most play features I ever saw in one vehicle / ship! Overall it is quite sturdy and landing gear falling off is something I did not experience nor foresee in the future. I guess it's all a matter of proper assembly...
    The colors are mostly grey and black so it may seem a tad boring to look at but that's all a matter of taste. It certainly will stand out in your SW collection where most stuff is grey and white.


    • Sturdy and quite swooshable
    • Lots of play features like: a catapult-like missilething, a 'missile-silo' and a gun compartment.
    • A very nice cockpit with a mechanism similar to the top hatch of the Republic MTT


    • Color palette may seem a bit dull but in real life it looks the bomb!

    In summary I can wholeheartedly say: buy it if you find it for a reasonable price as most of today's models certainly pale in comparison to this one in terms of playability and originality.

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  • Rogue Shadow

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    Weapons Galore!

    Written by (KFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    Rouge Shadow

    I think the Rouge Shadow is quite amazing personally, and my review will show you why. Just in case you want this set, allow me to tell what you are about to purchase.

    Building Experience

    I had a great time building because it is not as repetitive as other Lego sets, because the Rouge Shadow is uneven. I also enjoyed it because it is a great opportunity to see tons of the weapons and know how they work. You have to push the pieces in hard though or else they will fall apart and it will be hard to repair it without damaging other parts. I would rate the building experience five bricks because it sure is a treat to build this set!


    Parts in this set are not hard to find because there is a reasonable amount and the parts are mostly visible. If you dump the small parts into the big parts and start mixing it, surely, it will get trickier. I recommend you keep the small parts where they were to begin with. It's not just all about finding parts for me, I also judge it on the coolness of the parts. If you have loads of Lego sets then get this one, the parts won't mean that much to you. As to me, some of the parts are really awesome because I don't have very many sets. I would give parts a four brick rating.


    Here comes the best part! Unlike other sets, the Rouge Shadow opens on the top! That's the first cool feature. Next, if you are facing it, there is a door on the left which you can open and there is a powerful cannon inside. The door on the right has two blasters inside. Also on the right, there is a knob that if you spin up, some miscilles pop up! The wings can go back and forth if you move the little quarter circle thing! It's not even hard to play with at all! Obviously, this is a five brick rating!

    Value For Money

    Since I -as you can see- enjoyed this set, the value for money is high. What I mean is this would be a five brick rating.

    Overall Rating

    Almost all of my categories are five stars, so you guessed it, it would be a five brick rating! I hope you gathered a lot of information from this review! If you have just gotten this set, enjoy!


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  • Rogue Shadow

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    Now This Is A Lego Set

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    The MiniFigs

    The set comes with 3 minifigs,Starkiller,Juno Eclipse,and Battle Damaged Darth Vader.

    Minifig Pros: Exclusive Minifigs

    Different Light Saber Hilts

    Minifig Cons:No cape for Darth Vader

    The Ship:

    The Ship itself is big and sleek with a gun compartment,a hidden missle,and a small cockpit.

    Ship pros: Sleek design

    Hidden gun compartment

    Secret Missle

    Cool wing turning thing

    Ship Cons: The Landing gear falls off sometimes

    The Cockpit is too small

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