• This set rocks

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    This set is one of the greatest lego sets lego have ever made, the opening door is great and propelers have got good spinning affect . cockpit is realistic and the police pilot fig is brilliant . you could probably only carry 3 prisoners or 3 passengers but never mind the rest is brill thank you lego really really thank you for producing this great set.People who love planes or people who like police very much should get this set at your local store today .

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  • great set

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    i got this set last year in a Tru store in the uk it was the only one in the store it was £35 and i know it is cheaper in argos but i got it before it was even out in the uk and it is a pretty good set

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  • Great Plane! Bought this in Toys R Us

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    I bought this plane because my mum couldn't afford the Airport or the Cargo Plane, and anyway this plane is already half the price of a Cargo Plane and almost the same size as it. Once assembled, the plane is great and quite sturdy, but the wings are quite horrible and I wish they would use moulded large wings for it instead. If you plan to place a car or objects larger than the door in the cargo area, make sure you do it WHILE assembling that area. Once fully assembled, it's gonna be really really difficult to open the roof up and the sides so you can insert a car inside. However, if you have a motorbike (I am trying to recreate a scene from Indiana Jones in which Mutt's bike is also brought along) you can easily place it just by removing the wing, opening the door and push it inside. Then just place back the wing and tada. The rear wing is quite nasty and it doesn't look very nice. It's shaped the like end of a Fish and Chips fish and not a shark's fin.

    Overall, this set is not bad, if you're looking to start an Airplane section in your town layout, get this one, it's not bad. If you have spare tiny wheels, you can transform this into a normal airport-landing plane rather than a pontoon plane.

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  • Police Pootoon Plane

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    This set is slightly out of proportion to other police sets. The set overall is rather easy to construct, given most of the big peices. The set comes with one figure being the pilot, who seems to move around quite a bit. Cargo area needs something, seats and holding cells as its just a big empty space.

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  • Police Pontoon Plane

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    I used to love it, but looking back, ehh.

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    This is my first pros/ cons review. Let me start off by saying, I like this set, it's just that the flaws stand out a little more.


    • Large
    • Floats
    • Playability
    • Looks good hanging off a ceiling
    • The build
    • Some elements rare


    • One minifigure!?
    • Should have come with a criminal, and a jail cell in the back. (Easy to fix)
    • I received a white wing instead of a blue one
    • The PRICE 18.6 cents a piece?
    • Fragile

    Overall I give this set a 6.2/10. This is a good set, but, could've been a lot more improved. I would recommend this set only if you're a City fan.

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