• Off-Road Fire Rescue

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    Nice little kit - don't have to drag the big trucks out now

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    Picked this one up at Toyland in Taipei in order to get over a pre-defined spending limit so I could get a rebate coupon for another LEGO purchase. This one fit the bill due to the relatively low price, and I love the City vehicles.

    This one is no exception. It's a great little truck/trailer combo that goes well on any city street. I love the "crash cart" in the back that has the cut-off saws on it. Nice touch. Another firefighter mini-fig is always welcome.

    One odd part is the windshield. It's the very sloped one and I think it takes the roofline back one stud too far. It's also tinted light blue (like the police helicopter and float plane). If the smoked grey taller one had been used (wind turbine transporter safety car has one), it would have gone better with the color scheme and made the truck look less long.

    A minor flaw like that doesn't detract overall and you should pick one up if you can find it. I was lucky to see it in the chain store that normally carries only current-year sets.

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  • A Go-Anywhere Rescue Kit…

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    I was away on business recently and I popped into the local Asda for a newspaper and low and behold there was this set, the last one on the shelf for £7.99! I think it is really good for the money it goes really well with the Fire Truck (7239) and the more recently purchased City Garage (7642).

    The set comprises three main parts; the jeep, the trailer and the cradle which holds various accessories.

    The Jeep:

    The jeep is presented in a bright red colour scheme with white detailing and light grey wheel arches. The jeep is of ‘4 stud width’ while the wheels and tyres increase the width overall to over 6 studs wide. This has been well-documented by other reviewers so I wont labour the point, I guess this does make the jeep look a little odd, but on the other hand it does make it appear more like a true off-road vehicle. The front bumper features a towing bracket, high grill with a cluster of white and blue forward-facing lights and gently sloping bonnet. A sleek windscreen forms part of the small cab, which is immediately in front of a flatbed area for carrying various accessories. The rear area of the flatbed has a tailgate which lowers to facilitate access to this area well.

    The Trailer:

    The trailer is a nice simple addition to the jeep, which follows the same colour-scheme, although the body of the trailer is slightly wider than that of the jeep. The trailer features a single axle with rugged off-road tyres, storage lockers on either side, plus brackets for holding breathing apparatus and a fire extinguisher. The all-important fire hose is stored in the chassis of the trailer and is accessed by lowering the rear tailgate. There are also various consoles and gauges on the end of the trailer. A simple ‘landing leg’ is also provided so that the trailer can stand alone when it is disconnected from the jeep.

    The Accessories Cradle:

    The cradle also follows the same colour-scheme as seen all through the set, and features handles for ease of transporting / moving. There is a large ‘searchlight’ on a bracket and various tools. The unique size and design of the cradle means that it can be stored in either the trailer or on the flatbed section of the jeep. When the accessories cradle is stored in the trailer, it is sited above the main extendable fire hose, so this could hamper its use in an emergency situation.

    Overall, an excellent set which has a few flaws (the trailer is difficult to pivot when the ‘landing leg’ is set in the up position as it catches the rear of the jeep, there are no doors on the jeep and the light bar on the roof of the jeep looks odd without the inclusion of another, unsupplied brick), otherwise for the money it’s a pleasing set and well worth investing in while it is still around.

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  • Well-designed but a way too long

    Written by (AFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in Russian Federation,

    This set is simply nice. It has a fair price, comes with one minifig but has lots of accessories, perhaps the most in comparison with other sets of the calibre.

    The 4WD is well designed, it's not actually a normal 4WD but a rather pick-up truck. The colour scheme is nice but I think is a bit too long. It would have been definitely better if it had been 2-3 studs shorter. Moreover, good old doors would have been one more advantage as well.

    The cart behind is not nice as it is too wide but the accessories put together make it look good. The 4 WD joint with the cart together fit well into any Lego city / town. It also combines very well with the 7239 and 7945.

    The conception of this set was borrowed to some extent for the 7737 which I find good.

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  • Excellent mid-range fire fighter.

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in New Zealand,

    I bought this set instead of the larger fire engine because this one is the right size for my small town. I was delighted that it exceeded my expectations in every way.

    I've never seen so many accessories crammed into one set. This firefighter is armed with everything he could possibly need for his job - a fire hose, a hand-held fire extinguisher, a buzz-saw, some spotlights, a radio, an oxygen mask and an axe. I would have been satisfied with half of that. Well done, Lego.

    And if he doesn't need all that, he can detach the trailer, put the portable unit in the back of the truck and go to fight fire in a smaller capacity.

    I can't think of any cons for this set. There are stickers, but personally I like stickers. Nothing else really strikes me as being a flaw. 5/5

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  • Great But There Are Some Problems

    Written by (Unspecified) in United States,

    The Off-Road fire car is a great set for younger lego fans, but pretty easy for older ones. Everything works pretty well other than the slide on/slide off thing that is on the ground in front of the car not including the mini fig. I found it hard to slide on the thing, and it fell off really easily. There are small pieces, so there is a choking hazard, but overall the set is good but there are better sets.

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