• Couldn't stop myself

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    After the hovercraft was built I could not stop playing with it. It is such a fun vehicle, and when the box says it can move in any direction, they are not kidding. I think the best feature is the two main engines that blow air into the hovercraft "pillow." They rotate to face which ever direction the hovercraft is moving, which I think is a great touch.

    It is a great source of power for the fire team, with three big cannons (the front cannon being a double cannon). It can really get into any position that they fire crews would need. It would also be able to go into shallow areas that the larger fire boat could not venture, besides being able to go on the beach if need be.

    I recommend this set to any Fire or City fan. It is really worth the money. Besides with the way it is built, it can be taken apart and made into another form of hovercraft since everything is built onto the hovercraft skirt as a base.

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  • Does this type of vehicle even exist?

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    I'm not sure if hovercrafts really exist in the real world, but if they did I'm sure that they would be pretty cool, because LEGO's interpretation of a fire hovercraft is just that. This set has amazing features like opening compartment with tools inside, opening cockpit with controls inside, wheels on the bottom, life preservers, posable water sprayers, spinning propellors in the back, and a 'turret' water sprayer. Also, the bags are numbered and the minifigs are awsome. Well, this is just a great set for the city fire rescue subtheme; works great with any coast guard set too.

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  • When it's said and done, a Hovercraft is just plain cool!!

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    I find it funny someone complaining about the realism of a fire fighting hovercraft. Who cares! Hovercrafts are wicked cool, even if it is going to brave a blazing inferno. I really enjoyed putting this one together. A very good use of various pieces, as well as, some new pieces I hadn't really seen before. I love the twin canon on the front, with seat for the guy to man the position. I love how all the wheels on the bottom rotate so you can move the hovercraft in any direction you want. Even the truck compartment in the middle to store gear was a cool touch.

    There was only one difficulty with the set - that was putting together the 2 wheels that combo with the above exhausts. If you apply the pieces exactly the way it is shown in the directions, the wheels will sit higher than the rest, thus making them pointless. But if you adjust the height of the rod holding it all together, you should be able to level them out. Ofcourse, then you'll notice space on the rod for one more extra piece that could have been included to stabilize the construction. The best I could do was to take the washer like piece on the rod and push it up against the bottom of the hovercraft to tighten everything up. I'm sure this all sounds a little cryptic, but if you build it, you'll know what I am talking about.

    Of all the City Fire sets, this one is my favorite so far.


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  • What a bargain!

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    If you buy ONE town set this year, this is the one! At $29.99 USD it offers excellent playability, functional detail, and lots of deck space. This is the set that brought me back to Lego after a two year hiatus.

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  • WOW!

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    Three figures, plenty of gears, and a great platform. This is a set that can provide hours and hours of fun. Whether you want the set for building or parting out. You will not be upset about this set.

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