• "R2-D2! Where are you?"

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    I really like this set. It's okay but, the fun part is when you press his bellybutton and he blows up (self-destructs). This would be nice to entertain your friends.
    Blows up
    Eyes are cool
    Lots of stickers
    Easy to entertain friends and family

    Sometimes parts come off when you blow him up
    Comes off when you turn him upside-down
    Used lots of unneccesary parts
    More black than the color he is supposed to be in the movies

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  • not the best, but good

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    this set is not the best, but is still o. k.

    head and arms pop off
    cool eye pieces
    looks like C-3PO

    hard to put head and arms back on
    many pieces are not useful
    mainly used for decoration
    not high playability factor

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  • Okay set

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    There's not a lot to say about this set really. It is based around the scene in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back in which Han, Leia, Chewie, R2 and Threepio are at Cloud City; and Threepio enters a room and a stormtrooper shoots him in the chest blowing off his limbs and head. The main function of this set is a button in Threepio's chest which when pushed causes his arms and legs to fall off. It is meant to go with this other set; the 80080 Stormtrooper; which has a fire-able gun the shot from which can hit this set in the chest causing its arms and head to fall off in order to simulate that scene.

    As the other reviewer, Swman, says; without the 80080 Stormtrooper set this set becomes dull pretty quick. The arms and head falling off is the only function that it has; all else you can do is move the arms, head and fingers around a bit. Frankly; even if you do have the 80080 set then I still think this set would get pretty dull pretty quick. You could use it to shoot Threepio in the chest one or two times; but after that; would it really still be any fun? And apart from that then as I said there is nothing else you can do with the set. The set basically garners about 2 minutes of admittedly very excellent playability; but after that; it becomes all but useless.

    The set does look good. It resembles C-3PO as much as Lego Technic set can. What it really is is a collector's item; an object for hardcore Star Wars fans to stick on a shelf or in a display case to cherish forever and ever. This is what my grandparents have done; they have stuck it up on top of a bookcase via glue-tack on its feet displayed alongside the 10021 USS Constellation set. This leads me to whether I recommend it or not. If you are a hardcore Star Wars fan who wants something to stick in a display case as a grand show of your geekiness; then I recommend it. If you are a child or are getting it for a child who wants a fun toy that will give them hours upon hours of laughter and enjoyment; then I don't.

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  • A

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    C-3PO is a good set but only if you have 80008 (Stormtrooper) if you don't it's just dull!
    This C-3PO has a mechanism that when something hits the central round plate in the torso the head and the harms fall off. This can be cute and fun when you do it but putting the arms and the head all back together is not as cute and fun! When you think you made it, they just spring out of the body again! Like all other figures the legs aren't articulated. I particulary like the eyes because they those kinda of WWI british helmets but in silver painting with a golden 1x1 round piece.

    like I said It's only fun together with the Stromtrooper.

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