• "I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe."

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    This set features:
    Pull-Out guns for his hands to hold!
    Head Swivels!
    Lean him forward and (Sometimes) He shoots a missle from his backpack!
    Like other techic sets, this comes with numbered bags for shorter time and easier work!
    Has no skin inside.

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  • Jango Fett on the Job!

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    In the beginning stages of the seperatist movement, there was one guy who helped a great deal, Jango Fett.(He also helped the clone army too! :D hehehehe) Now, one of the greatest bounty hunters in star wars has been encarnated in LEGO. This set features cool designs like adjustable antena, wrists, shoulders, fingers, and neck, pistols fit in hands and holsters, and jango's missile can really launch. Also, the bags are numbered, and construction is fun. However, back in 2002 when I got this set, it didn't come with instruction manuel or launcher piece. Weird? Although this set doesn't adjust enough for playability, it's still great for putting on your desk and stareing at. Man, looking at the completed model on your desk sure does send a shiver down your spine. It's just a shame that he had to die in the movie. :D hehehehe Great set!

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  • Excellent Design!

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    I particularly like this set mainly because of the very clever design. I just finished building it today and it looks great. The best feature is Jango's rocket launcher in his back. There's a little thing in the back that you pull down so he leans foward and you can shoot the rocket launcher. Another neat thing about this set is that you can build two pistols that you can slip into these holes in his torso. And instead of having him hold on to the guns, just slip them in the holes in the side of his hand. Based on the last Technic I bought (Pit Droid), I was ready to give up on Technics. But this set has definately changed my mind. The design is great, everything is in porportion, and you get some nicely colored peices. The only flaw is that at one point when you're building the torso, tons of peices are being held on to very loosly. It can get discouraging and confusing, but after a couple of steps everything is in place and it looks great. Overall, an excellent set to get. 5/5.

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  • Sweet

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    Nothing is wrong with this set and It is great to play with.If I hadn't of re-attched the left leg propaly I would have complained about this set. it was actually just a miss placing of a lego peice. The missile on the back of Jango is clever and it has cool gun pockets as well. A very clever and cool technic set from lego.

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  • Coolest Man in Episode II

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    This set is pretty neat, I like Jango Fett alot and he is one of my favorite dudes in the movies, my others being the Stormtrooper and Han Solo. If you look at it alot and from a certain angle, you might guess that it is Jango, but otherwaise, it looks like some big cyborg! The helmet is cool but I wish it came with the shooting dart thing that came with the technic stormtrooper. Jango is nice but I was never a very huge fan of technic pieces, so this was a downer. It is a great set for model makers!

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