• Star Wars Advent Calendar

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    Advent calendar review

    Written by (TFOL , silver-rated reviewer) in Canada,

    I will go through each of the items that you can recieve from this calendar and what i think of each item.

    Mini figs:

    Rebel Troop: good figure but pretty basic. Comes with 2 extra black visors.

    Gungan warrior: The same as the one from the naboo attack set that came out recently.

    Security battle droid: Basic but you can never have enough of them, they are quite rare.

    Super battle droid: not much to say except that i haven't seen one in a set in a few years.

    AT-AT Commander: always good if you have the motorised AT-AT

    Hoth rebel trooper: same figure from the hoth battle packs a few years back, comes with 2 extra goggle peices and a back pack.

    Gonk droid: pretty basic but at least it's made of peices and not just a big box like the first ones.

    Snow trooper: i did not get a snow trooper, instead mine came packaged with a second snow astromech

    snow astromech: i got two of these in ym calendar but im not complaining, always good if you want to have a line up of droids.

    Darth maul( santa guise): an awesome figure that goes great in a battle with santa yoda, he comes with two "snowballs" and a shovel


    AT-AT: makes good if you want to make a certain scale hoth battle, is reminicent of a dog in shape

    Trade federation ship: an intresting choice but i like it

    Gungan sub: very nice looking even though i don't like the gunagn sub

    Naboo fighter: very nice but looks odd when compaired to the naboo fighter from the planet sets.

    Sith infiltrator: it's a small ship but it looks neat

    MTT: looks odd.....doesn't look like an MTT to me..

    Greivous's star fighter: i like the look of it even though the build is a bit weird

    Imperial starship: the instructions for it are weird but it looks very cool when built.

    Vulture droid: not many peicec but it looks kool when built.

    Naboo speeder: green awesome and an easy build.

    Naboo starship: the biggest of the vehicles and the 4th coolest in my opinion.


    Small cannon: looks more like a satelite but whatever.

    Gungan weapon stash: comes with a spear, gungan shield and a small catapult for a booma.

    Weapon rack: comes with a rifel, a blaster and darth mauls double bladed lightsaber.

    All in all a good set and worth the wai,t 10 out of 10.

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  • Star Wars Advent Calendar

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    Return of the Star Wars Advent Calendar!

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I got this at Target on Black Friday after waiting for it to decrease in price for the last few months, and I was ready to start building it. After the twenty-five days of building, it is time to review this year's festive celebration of Lego Star Wars. I'll admit that I was a bit skeptical at first about this set because last year's was so good. Will this one be as good as last year's? As was done for the 2011 calendar, I have decided to do this review on whether I think the set was good or not.


    • DAY ONE: Gungan Sub- an excellent version of the submarine in The Phantom Menace, built in 13 pieces and instantly recognizable.
    • DAY TWO: Gungan Soldier- The 3-piece minifigure is an excellent army builder, and looks ready for battle. His detailing is superb.
    • DAY FOUR: Imperial Star Destroyer- First seen in A New Hope, the first Original Trilogy set of the Calendar is well-built and beautiful in all of its 14 pieces.
    • DAY SEVEN: Naboo Starfighter: This model is very impressive indeed; this is the smoothest set yet, and it is the most recognizable of the mini ships. And my favorite set of the bunch is all done in 16 pieces!
    • DAY EIGHT: Vulture Droid: Although I disliked this 9-piece set initially, it soon caught my heart after I realized that it was well-designed off of its source as well as functional with the wings.
    • DAY NINE: AT-AT Driver: I may already have enough of these little guys, but these 4-piece Drivers are great for army building and aren't trololo's like the Battle Droids.
    • DAY TWELVE: Hoth Rebel Officer: This may be a minifig I already have, but it doesn't hurt to have more non-trololo characters in the army of six-piece minifigs.
    • DAY THIRTEEN: Gonk Droid- A more brick-built version of the Gonk Droid is nice, simple, and doesn't need any new pieces. Very nice for 14 pieces.
    • DAY FIFTEEN: Snowtrooper: Although we all have enough of these, it still is cool to get a realistic Snowtrooper with a real face. Four piece figure army time!
    • DAY SIXTEEN: Naboo Royal Starship: 18 pieces were used very well to create this small set that Lego refuses to make after 13 years, but this will do for now...
    • DAY SEVENTEEN: Flash Speeder: Fourteen pieces were used in an inventive method to make the recognizable green speeder of Naboo.
    • DAY EIGHTEEN: Rebel Scout Trooper: Five pieces are all it takes to make this character which I had none of until now.
    • DAY NINETEEN: The Lapiz Cutter- Although I don't really like this ship, it is quite sleek and accurate to the original material with 15 pieces.
    • DAY TWENTY: General Grievous' Starfighter- 14 pieces make this set look fantastic given its size. Small details make this set that much better.
    • DAY TWENTY-ONE: Super Battle Droid- Another unique minifigure for me, it still has a nice look and is very accurate in design.
    • DAY TWENTY-TWO: Sith Infiltrator- It takes 15 pieces to make this excellent version of Darth Maul's personal starship.
    • DAY TWENTY-THREE: Snowman R2-D2- The is the best of the minifigures because it just makes sense, especially with that top hat.
    • DAY TWENTY-FOUR: Santa Darth Maul- This is the one that I waited for, and I was not disappointed at all. Very good design.


    • DAY THREE: Gungan Weapons Pack- Although I really liked the catapult in this set, the 8 pieces could have been used more effectively than just using another day to extend this Gungan soldier.
    • DAY FIVE: MTT: Although it looks like the source model, it is ineffective due to the size of 9 tiny pieces. This year's TIE fighter-sized mini kit without a doubt.
    • DAY SIX: Security Battle Droid: Although this is a unique minifigure in my collection, it fails to impress because I have far too many battle droids made of the same five pieces (with varied coloring).
    • DAY TEN: AT-AT: Although it looks like an obvious AT-AT, it looks weak and unsleek as the other sets do. It was a nice try, however, with only 13 pieces.
    • DAY ELEVEN: Atgar P-Tower: Another nice attempt, but it takes more than six pieces to construct a cannon.
    • DAY FOURTEEN: Ultimate Weapons Pack: Although the weapons are nice here, the majority of these ten pieces should be given to the minifigs and this space should be used more effectively.

    This is an excellent calendar. Although the models here were not as good as last years' peaks, they were overall better than last year's. This set is proof that the Star Wars Advent Calendar is still worth 40 dollars (the price I got it at). If you have time, get it. You will not be disappointed at all!

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