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    The title says it all

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4042: Jens

6 reviews
Promotional release with McDonalds in US and Canada.
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Would you like fries with that? Oh wait you lost your appetite? Good thing we didn't produce these toys, they might qualify for a legal case (I also have a problem with McDonald's).
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8316: Kek Powerizer

2 reviews
USA: $60.00
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$60 for 9 pieces, though, it does come with an interchangable Fly guy head, so you get, 5 pieces and one piece for a unique customization expirience, and you complain about STAR WARS prices!

Hope this was entertaining as these sets are useless, even though I started to run out of jokes, I should of just used the "a picture is worth a thousand words" thing mulitaple times. You can contact me at my Wikia account (link provided on my profile).
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