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    All The Sets That I Don't Get.

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4044: Euripides

8 reviews
Promotional release with McDonalds in US and Canada.
Bricklist notes
First of all, one arm is big, the other arm is little. And he has a gold hand. That is just creepy. Second of all, his nose looks like he's just about to blow it. Is his body made out out of goop, or is it just green skin? I do not get this set.
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8318: Ooni

1 review
USA: $20
Bricklist notes
Okay, first of all, there's a dragon! Doesn't LEGO know that there can't be a dragon that is in a total non-dragon theme? And second of all, the name sounds too much like Iruini, that BIONICLE. I do not get this set.
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