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    I think there might be a few similar lists like this, but I've never seen one that's 100% complete, so I'm going to attempt it, regardless of how long it takes. By the way, as a general rule for what I mean by animal minifigure, I mean an animal made mostly or completely out of unique parts. This also means that some monsters and aliens that are almost a normal minifigure (like Greedo and the Atlantis shark-man, for instance) did not make it on, along with some that are normal minifigures with a specialized headpiece (such as the new CM Minotaur or the old HP Werewolf). Note that I will most definitely not try to include every color of every animal. :P

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7048: Troll Warship

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And then deviating from the path of actual animals for a bit to show two mythological beasties (still a little peeved at the fact that they called the green skinned minifigs trolls when they were clearly orcs and goblins, but oh well, the name worked for the big troll):
Troll (Castle)
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