• The cheapest way to get all of the TMNT turtles (and why this method is a lot better than the alternative)

    Compiled by bsv103. Updated 18 July 2013. Contains 3 sets.
    This is the cheapest way to get one version of all of the turtles from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At the end is more information as to why this set collection is better than the alternative.

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79103: Turtle Lair Attack

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USA: $49.99
Bricklist notes
In this set you get Leonardo (blue mask) and Raphael (red).

Here's why this method is a lot better than the alternative: Not only does this method give you the turtles, it also gives you Splinter, their leader, as well as Shredder and four ninja for him, so each side is evenly matched if you don't count the Kraang, which I'm not counting here. You also get the turtles' lair (this set here), which has a TV corner with color coded spots for all four turtles, which you'll have by the end of getting all these sets, so you'll be able to use all of the spots. The only down side is that you only have skateboards for two of the turtles, which is true of both collection methods, unfortunately. I recommend getting Michelangelo and Donatello's skateboards off the secondary market, though the rack in this set is only capable of holding two skateboards, despite having four clips.
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