• Clone Commanders

    Compiled by greshmalum. Updated 30 December 2009. Contains 3 sets.
    (Also Captain Rex)

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7676: Republic Attack Gunship

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Bricklist notes
|Commander Cody|

+Asajj Ventress
Clone Trooper with night-vision flip-down
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Plo Koon

BTW I wonder why Ventress has TWO extra lightsaber handles, why Cody has command pauldron and anti-blast kama armor and why Cody has extra command armor.

Minifig elements=
x1 dark blue legs
x1 black cloth skirt (exclusive to set)
x1 Ventress torso (exclusive to set)
x1 Ventress head (wierd back of head)(elxlusive to set)
x2 white legs with black belts
x1 Cody torso (exclusive to set)
x1 Plo Koon rubber head
x2 Clone heads
x1 Clone Trooper torso
x1 Clone Trooper CW helmet
x1 Cody helmet (exclusive to set)
x1 Obi-Wan CW hairpiece
x1 Plo Koon torso
x1 dark brown legs
x1 Obi-Wan torso
x1 white legs with light tan belt
x2 clone visors
x2 command pauldrons
x2 anti-blast kama armor elements
x4 night-vision flip-downs
x4 floodlights

x4 dark grey hand blasters
x2 clone blasters
x2 blue lightsaber blades
x2 red lightsaber blades
x2 lightsaber handles
x4 Ventress lightsaber handles

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