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Latest >= 25% discounts
10900 Police Bike$6.00 ($9.99)-40%
>= 33% discounts on this year's sets
10895 Emmet and Lucy's Visitors from the DUPLO Planet$14.99 ($29.99)-50%
10767 Duke Caboom's Stunt Show$9.99 ($19.99)-50%
76129 Hydro-Man Attack$20.97 ($39.99)-48%
60212 Barbecue Burn Out$6.00 ($9.99)-40%
70681 Spinjitzu Slam - Lloyd$5.99 ($9.99)-40%
10768 Buzz and Bo Peep's Playground Adventure$14.99 ($24.99)-40%
10900 Police Bike$6.00 ($9.99)-40%
75225 Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack$9.47 ($14.99)-37%

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Everblock stands for construction toys

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Here's a press release about a product that will make a useful and interesting gift for LEGO-loving youngsters:

New kit on the block takes play to another level!

Every structure needs a firm base and that’s what gave a man from Romsey in Hampshire the inspiration to develop a new construction toy.

Base Ace, the brainchild of Brian Stickley, provides children with an exciting, expandable 3D structure on which to build and play.

“You can join, stack and expand to create unique environments such as Spaces Stations, Castles or an exciting backdrop for a Superhero mission,” said Brian, 49.

Crucially the system, which was developed with the help of Southampton Solent University, is compatible with brick brands such as LEGO and Mega Bloks.

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This week's top news articles

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These are the most read articles that we've posted over the last couple of weeks:

ArticleDate postedViewsLikes
The LEGO Group acquires BrickLink26 Nov110883160
Review: 10270 Bookshop06 Dec29901173
First images of 71026 DC Super Heroes Collectable Minifigures02 Dec2763899
New polybags for 202024 Nov2186966
Mandalorian Battle Pack revealed26 Nov20206135
Cyber Monday offers at LEGO.com02 Dec1870421
This year's employee Christmas gift revealed04 Dec1595484
First image of Modular Bookshop!06 Dec13871123
Bookshop officially revealed06 Dec13337121
New images of 2020 City sets05 Dec1276658

Friends Advent Calendar - Day 8

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We've just completed the first week of the calendar! There have been some nice little builds - I still love the penguins from Day 2, and the cake from Day 6 was quite nice. I'm still waiting for the builds to take a decidedly Christmas turn. Maybe we'll start off the second week in that direction.

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Random set of the day: Gali Nuva

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Gali Nuva

Gali Nuva

©2002 LEGO Group

Today's random set is 8570 Gali Nuva, released in 2002. It's one of 28 Bionicle sets produced that year. It contains 44 pieces, and its retail price was US$8/£4.99.

It's owned by 3212 Brickset members. If you want to add it to your collection you might find it for sale at BrickLink or eBay.

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