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Drag Racer

Drag Racer

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42050 Drag Racer was revealed in the news late last year and based on the images posted in that news article I commented that while I liked the colours, I was not so impressed with the models themselves.

Having spent last weekend building this set, read on to see how this set grows on you.

Box and contents

The front of the box has an image of the drag racer pulling a wheelie while burning rubber on the race track. It has an insert image showing that the finished model is 46cm (18in) long.


The rear of the box shows that the body shell can be lifted up and that the whole car can be raised into a wheelie position.

It has an image of the B model - Supercharged Dragster - and shows how to motorise the main model with the separate 8293 Motor Set.


The parts come in five un-numbered bags. The two rear tyres are loose in the box.


This is the third set to include two tumbler tyres. They have previously been seen in 76023 The Tumbler (hence their name) and 5004590 Bat-Pod. This second set was only available as a VIP competition prize and so these tyres are rare and justify purchasing this set for these parts alone.


All three sets have included only two tumbler tyres: there has never been a set with four.

Tyres have some letters and numbers printed on their rim as a code for the size and performance. The numbers printed on LEGO tyres refer to the tyre's maximum diameter and nominal width in mm. These two tyres are 49.5 x 20 and 81.6 x 44.


Instructions for the main model are printed in one bound-book of 131-pages.


There is a sticker sheet loose in the box as well.



This set introduces some Technic parts in Medium Azure for the first time. There are three Technic Panel Curved 11 x 3 with 10 Pin Holes, a pair of panel fairings 20/21, six Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #3, three Technic 13M beams and four Technic 7M beams.


As with some other LEGO sets released this year, this set includes three yellow 7M axles and one red 6M axle.

New in this set are two red-brown 3M axle with end stop. This part is so new that it is not found in Brickset, Rebrickable or the LEGO inventories.


The above image shows the rainbow of colours that are used to identify the variety of Technic axles found in this set.

The build

Halfway through the build, step 91, the red chassis is complete and the V8 engine is in place.

The hand-of-God steering is in place.

There is no differential. Drag racers need to apply even thrust to both wheels so that they drive in a straight line and often have spool differentials to achieve this.


Squeezing the silver-metallic flexible tubes onto the pin connectors was quite tough.

By build step 110, the carburetor air scoop is in place as well as two oil filters.


By build step 173, the body shell of the car has taken shape.


The completed model

I have taken some before and after sticker-application photos to give you some idea how this set looks with and without stickers.



There are two types of stickers: the large stickers to give some definition to the black 3x11 and 5x11 flat panels, and the smaller sponsor stickers applied to the curved panels.



Up until quite recently I have preferred not to apply stickers to my LEGO; I have wanted to keep my parts unspecified and not be locked to one set, but since writing news reviews here at Brickset, I have started to apply the stickers to give a better view of the set as intended by LEGO.

Recently, I read a magazine which contained an article that described an AFOL who was unable to complete building his LEGO sets because the fear that the stickers may not be applied correctly.

There are some sponsor stickers which are quite cryptic: Viscous Oil, Fast Productions, F&T Tyres, Axle Beam, Cheq Ured, Accele Rate, Wheelie Bar, IN Takes, Firm br eakz and En Gyne are some of the organisations sponsoring the drag racer.


There are some sponsors that I have been unable to identify: I cannot make any link for CTM Graphics Solutions or AcW Management and RP Reworx. I suspect that CTM, ACW and RP may be initials for graphics designer, manager and engineer at LEGO.


One of the sponsor stickers, Roufi Ravage, identifies Aurelien Rouffiange as the LEGO Technic designer of this set.


There is a lever near the right rear-wheel which lifts the body shell. This allows you to gain access to the engine.


There is a small amount of clearance for the exhaust.

Next to the lever that raises the body shell is a control that raises the whole car into a wheelie position.


Power Functions

Power Functions are not included in this set; 8293 Motor Set must be purchased separately.

One M Motor, Battery Pack, 24-tooth, 8-tooth and 24-tooth torque gear, and a 5M axle are needed to add motor functions to the main model.


The M Motor does not give this drag racer any sort of justice as it does not have enough torque to enable the car to drag off and will not let it pull wheelies even though the weight of the battery box is at the very back mounted on the wheelie bar.


The B Model

The B model Supercharged Dragster instructions are available for download from LEGO.


The driver sits forward of the V8 engine. Two 18-tooth gears are surrounded with eight chain links to imitate air filters. The front air filter is the hand-of-God steering wheel.


The rear spoiler is adjusted by twisting the red bushes on the wheelie bar.


The spare parts make a start light.


Overall opinion

This set captures the essence of funny car drag racers.

I like the Medium Azure colour which has been seen mostly in the Maersk Line Triple E ship and the Friends theme. The medium azure colour has been used on real-world Nitro Fish racers.

This colour compliments the red colour so well which is principally why I prefer the B Model: the red beams are hidden in the chassis of the main model. I am looking forward to more Technic parts becoming available in the Medium Azure colour.

I was surprised at how narrow the wheel base is. Looking at images of real funny cars, it is obvious that this is how they are built.

The body shell is quite flimsy, but yet again, this is how they are in constructed in the real world. The underlying chassis is very sturdy and easily holds the car shell together.

The B model is just as good as the main model and benefits from a better colour selection. It has a stronger design but does not have any immediately apparent power function capability.

There are two compelling reasons to purchase this set: first, the rare parts are justification particularly because of the tumbler tyres, and secondly, this is quite a good mid-sized set with a V8 engine which will appeal to many LEGO Technic car enthusiasts.

This set is available from

42050 Drag Racer USA | UK | Canada | Germany | France

18 comments on this article

By in United States,

"I have taken some before and after sticker-application photos to give you some idea how this set looks with, and without stickers."

Thank you so much for doing this. I never use stickers and appreciate getting a look at the completed assembly without them.

By in United Kingdom,

I think that the B model is actually better than the main model. The sides look unfinished with no proper wheel arches and a gap in the azure colouring around the front wheels and up the A pillar.

The engine looks great though. And the tyres might bring the Bricklink prices down...

By in Germany,

There's something strange rather than funny about this A model. But then I never really heard about such cars before. Easy pass for me, but thanks for review anyway. So cool you remembered about taking pictures with and without stickers!

By in United States,

Slight correction: the only Maersk set that has used Medium Azur is Every other Maersk set has used Pastel Blue (Maersk Blue), a much older color used pretty much exclusively for Maersk sets. The color change for the Triple E is purportedly a reflection of Maersk changing their actual corporate color, with Medium Azur being closer to the new color.

Anyway, good review! It's cool seeing more colors in LEGO Technic, and both the models in this set are very creative, even if motorizing the A model isn't all that effective. The set looks pretty great either with or without stickers, although IMO it's much better with them than without them. The color scheme of the set reminds me a lot of Wyldstyle from The LEGO Movie.

By in United States,

Not really a big fan of Technic or this particular model. I don't know,but I just don't like this set.

By in United Kingdom,

Interesting that there's another set available with the Tumbler tires. Will hopefully bring down the price on Bricklink.

By in Germany,

Great review of a good looking set! Thanks to FlagsNZ and Aurelien Rouffiange. Unfortunately there are too many cool sets in other themes, so I have to pass on this one. :(

By in Netherlands,

If the weight of the battery box doesn't make it do wheelies, I would've rather seen it being placed above the rear wheels.

Overall, I think it's OK but it could've been better with rather small changes: things that bother me are the shape of the exhaust, the fact that it (almost) touches the ground, the head lights pointing to the sides and some areas looking unfinished. A more integrated rear spoiler would have been more true to reality and would made the rear section look less empty.

By in New Zealand,

Nice to see reviews from Kiwi, good work keep it up mate.

By in United States,

Nice review @FlagsNZ . How are the stickers though? Does the sticker sheet being loose in the box open it up to damage? Also are these the same type of 'thicker' type stickers that seem to be popping up in the newer superhero sets?

By in United Kingdom,

I may wait for a heavy discount on this. The A model is unknown to me (in the uk), whereas the B model is the style I'm familiar with.
Or I won't get it at all...
Thanks for the review though.

By in United States,

As a Die Hard Gear Head from Detroit, I've had my eye on this model for awhile (also because I have almost all of the other Technic cars). You convinced me I really NEED it! Off to! Thanks for the review.

By in United States,

I dislike the look of the A model and didn't really consider the set seriously until reading this review! Thank you for pointing out the strengths of a set I would otherwise have passed up without even thinking about it!

By in United States,

Interesting car. This before/after sticker format needs to continue. :)

By in Hungary,

Thank you very much for detailed review, especially for the comparsion pics about the set with and without stickers. I don't like and won't buy this set. It is special, has nice colour and Tumbler tyres but ugly functions. Even by adding M motor it is not capable to do it's primary function well.

By in United States,

I need to get this for Wildstyle to drive. It has her colors.

By in United States,

Nice review. very helpful.

By in Australia,

Although the set isn't of interest to me, this is a well written review. I am very pleased to see the pictures before and after stickers and I hope more reviewers can do the same thing.

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