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ImageSet detailsReview summaryAuthor
76078 Hulk vs. Red HulkThe suspension on these things must be amazing! Sorry, Incredible!roostercogburn
70905 The BatmobileAbsolute BT1TUDEredbeardlegoman
21034 LondonI Built this city on a lego rollDarkmagi
75877 Mercedes-AMG GT3An amazing (if stickerlicious) build.david.m77
60136 Police Starter SetUseful build and good value.Japanbuilder
60116 Ambulance PlaneMed-Star Rescue Plane 28 Years Onredbeardlegoman
5004468 Iconic Easter MinifigureThe Hen house, living in a box !! (which is the main part) Ernst
60147 Fishing BoatSolid set despite lackluster graphicslentil

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