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Mini Piggy Bank

Mini Piggy Bank

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40251 Mini Piggy Bank is now available with purchases of over £50 in the UK, €55 in Europe or $75 in North America. We reviewed this set last month and it is well worth having, particularly as a free gift with purchase!

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5 comments on this article

By in Belgium,

Why was this set exclusive to the brand retail stores last week? It would've been nice to combine it with the double VIP points on the webshop as well.

By in Denmark,

Guess why.

By in United Kingdom,

It's actually a surprisingly nice giveaway and is a lot larger box than I was expecting. Very pleased. :)

By in United States,

@SnoopWinckel It wouldn't make sense from a business perspective to have two promotions running concurrently. This allows them to bring in customers over a longer period without giving away as much product.

Anyway, at the $75 threshold, this is a great giveaway. Very cute design, and I actually like these more than the red piggy bank they usually sell!

By in Portugal,

I also like this piggy bank more than the red one they have. But for me the only drawback is to hold just a few coins, much less than the red.

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