Double VIP points with 10253 Big Ben and 10214 Tower Bridge

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Big Ben

Big Ben

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Double VIP points are currently being offered with purchases of 10253 Big Ben and 10214 Tower Bridge as the release of 10258 London Bus approaches. The deal is only available in Europe at the moment but it may be expanded to encompass other countries shortly.

You will also receive a free 40251 Mini Piggy Bank so now might therefore be a good time to buy if you have been waiting for an extra incentive.

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5 comments on this article

By in Luxembourg,

Offer valid until July 31.

By in Spain,

Because brexit?

By in New Zealand,

Appears to be the same deal in the NZ Lego shop too!

By in United Kingdom,

LOL not Brexit PacoZafra....Brixit:)

By in Russian Federation,

PacoZafra, because nobody buy it

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