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Ultimate LEGO Star Wars: Characters Creatures Locations Technology Vehicles

Ultimate LEGO Star Wars: Characters Creatures Locations Technology Vehicles

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The Book People is currently having a flash sale on selected LEGO books. Today and tomorrow only you can pick up the following books at bargain prices:

  • LEGO DC Comics Collection, RRP £69.90, now £13.00
  • The LEGO Visual History, RRP £25.00, now £9.00
  • Ultimate LEGO Star Wars, RRP £30.00, now £8.00
  • LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Build Your Own Adventure, RRP £17.99, now £8.00
  • LEGO Nexo Knights: Build Your Own Adventure, RRP £17.99, now £8.00
  • LEGO Everything You Ever Need to Know, RRP £17.99, now £5.00

Ultimate Lego Star Wars in particular is a steal at that price. I'll be publishing a review, along with an interview with the authors, soon.

They would all make excellent Christmas presents so place your order now.


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By in Netherlands,

I bought the Ultimate LEGO Star Wars book a few weeks ago, which cost me around €10 and I have to say, worth every penny.

By in Czech Republic,

I got that Ultimate SW Book a few days back when there was a first note of its massive discount. Its printed on a high-quality glossy paper, tons of pictures everywhere (crisp and sharp).. but what i miss the sets inside have only number and production year. There is not a single picture of the setx box, RRP price or (more importantly for me) count of pieces (bricks). So in this aspect Im a bit disappointed. Otherwise with 320 pages its a real steal! The costs for material and paper itself were probably higher.

By in United Kingdom,

The Star Wars book is very comprehensive but there are some omissions ...NYC Yoda minifigures for example. DK books always show the very rare solid gold Threepio minifigure but never a pic of the gold-chrome finished plastic Threepio that 10,000 of us have

By in United Kingdom,

You can also get an extra 15% off by using a promo code widely available online.

By in Portugal,

PLUS10 --> you get a 10% discount (no minimum amount needed);

AFVC15 --> you get a 15% discount (minimum purchase 30 £).

By in France,

Ultimate SW already purchased and received a few days ago (thanks to your first tip so thank you again Huw for previous article ) this book is really really beautiful and super detailed. I have re discovered my sets and most of all my minifigs with it. Pictures are awesome, very high quality and give a closer look to details we hardly see or even notice IRL. A must have, and more again at that price! Shipping was quite fast, and people also answered my questions fast and very kindly. Everything is awesome :)

By in United States,

Order Subtotal 17.99
Shipping to USA 18.00

By in United Kingdom,

On the book people website it is listed as having ISBN: 9780241327319 but on DK's own website and on it is 978-0241288443. Anyone know why there is a difference?

By in Norway,


£22 to Norway, I guess it's more because we're closer.

By in Denmark,

What are the differences between DK’s "Great LEGO Sets: A Visual History" (256 pages and a small model) and DK's "The LEGO Visual History" (304 pages)?
Same company and same scope and both very recent - and same price: £9.

By in Belgium,

I can't get the extra discount.

PLUS10 and AFVC15 doesn't work for me.

Delivery in UK and Order > 30£

Any idea ?

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