Friends Advent Calendar - Day 11

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Yesterday's advent calendar build seemed to start a new direction for the calendar after several days of animals and sleds. In what direction will we go for day 11?

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Today it's another small build - and it's not an animal hutch. We have a kiosk with some snacks for Stephanie, including a cupcake as represented by another red flower with a pink cupcake top for the icing. Like the animal hutches, the kiosk has snow on the roof. It also has some decorations, but a star is used instead of a wreath with a red flower. Good thing, too, as there are already two red flowers in this build to decorate the kiosk's offerings.

(Red flower extras to date: 4)


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By in United Kingdom,

Daughter enjoyed this but presumed it was for an as yet unrevealed animal until I pointed out it was a little stall!

By in United Kingdom,

A fairly okay cupcake stall.
But not the best.

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