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The weekly LEGO auction at Catawiki ends this evening, and once again it includes a number of interesting lots:

You can view all lots in the auction on our Catawiki page and if you have items to sell take a look at the guide to selling LEGO at Catawiki to find out how to get your items listed.


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By in United States,

What's the deal with catawiki? There's a 10243 going for $180 + 50 shipping when it's $159 at [email protected] That's an example, everything there seems very over priced. Don't know why your shop there. eBay is better for auctions imo

By in Switzerland,

I agree that a lot seems overpriced, often. But I have bought some stuff at catawiki for very reasonable money. Also, from my limited experience (with them, not with eBay), it's a lot less hassle and a lost less ambiguity...

By in United Kingdom,

It's also more popular in countries in which eBay doesn't operate.

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