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LEGO is looking for the next exclusive LEGO Gift with Purchase set, for their LEGO Stores, LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Discovery Centres as well as

Now is your opportunity to vote on your favourite Moments in Space entries. Take a moment to review all submissions and vote on the entries you think are best.

The small and mid-sized space designs in this contest may get the opportunity to be adapted into a Gift with Purchase set in 2019!

There are seven day's left for the Crowd Vote phase. Voting closes at February 19, 2018 at 6:00 a.m. EST. Here is a time zone convertor to help you.

Read on to see the ten submissions that I really like.

Flying Saucer Crash Site

By NathanR2015

You go out for a quiet drive in your flying saucer, miss one little meteor, and the next thing you know you've crashed on a planet called Earth . . .

Are we alone in this Universe or have aliens been visiting us?

That's one small step for a minifig . . .

By aido-k

This little one-man lander allows a minifig to land safely on the surface, plant a flag, and get back to the Command Shuttle in time for supper.

New Mission

By AWI2345

Now you can see a top secret view about the new mission. I can´t betray too much, but you have a look about the new special mars mission in 2020.

Reach for the stars!

By barneius

A very retro submission.

Through the clouds to the stars! The inspiration for this 300 bricks vignette came from a classic rocket wooden toy of Barneius's kids.

Satellite Array on a Plain

By jaybattikha

Humans have been peeking into deep space with massive radio antennas for about a century.

Representing a Very Large Array radio telescope on such a small scale was a challenge and hopefully it is visually entertaining.

The Mars Colony Greenhouse

By MagicalGlimmrs

Every outer space colony needs a place to grow their food.

For the Mars colony, it's this little greenhouse, where the spaceman loves to spend his time growing vegetables and flowers.

Around the Earth's orbit

By MartinOt

MartinOt thought it would be cool to have a set with tiny Earth, and some iconic space crafts orbiting around it.

There is also a miniature moon. Everything can spin on a transparent stand.

Prepare for launch

By MstrBldrA113

The crew make their final preparations for launch as the audience waits excitedly.

This model includes the launch tower, ship transporter, the rocket, and the countdown clock with a mini audience.

Classic Space Returns

By callock

This micro spaceship is based on the 1980s classic space colour of grey and blue, with the mix of old and new pieces.

The hangar bay has a classic space logo and rotation platform.

Solar system ruler

By Graupensuppe

Inspired by the Lego Classic Buildable Ruler - Graupensuppe's foldable ruler meets the 16 stud size limit.

The ruler tries to give a sense of scale to the solar system.

So there you have it. Take a moment to review all submissions and vote on the entries you think are the best LEGO Moments in Space vignette. Consider leaving a comment on your favourite submissions as well.

There are 1065 entries in total.View image at flickr


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41 comments on this article

By in United Kingdom,

"Take a moment to review all submissions"

"There are 1065 entries in total"

:/ how on earth are you meant to look through them all?!

By in United States,

Good luck to everyone who entered! And now a shameless plug of my own :/

It's called Space Cruiser 7 so look it up if you want to.

By in Greece,

@Paperballpark: That is why I scrolled through the lot and produced my short-list.

By in United States,

^ I went thru all of these yesterday - took me 6 hours. Liked a few dozen (including one that FlagsNZ has mentioned: "That's One Small Step").

Here are some of my other favorites:

Terraforming Mars:

To Space and Back for 50 Cents:

Galactic Duo:

X-Plorer 6:

Planetary Exploration Mech:

Small Cargo Transporter:

Classic Space Micro Display:

Initially thought I was the first to vote for any - all were at zero likes. Felt like I was Armstrong taking the first step on an unexplored world and leaving my mark. Turns out though, the total votes for each entry are hidden during this phase (light blue notification banner at the top of each page). You'll only see an indicator for the ones you've up-voted (you voted +1 / 1 person voted for this / green thumbs up).

TIP: You can find the ones you up-voted again from the Main Contest page > View Entries > Filter by: My Actions > Up-voted by me

By in United States,

Wow. Did any adults make submissions? Can we get a filtered list?

By in United Arab Emirates,

Some really good ideas in this competition. I liked the “Starship Adventurer”, with its Blacktron / Exo-Force influence.

By in United Kingdom,

I love that little retro rocket. It looks like something from an old Flash Gordon serial.

By in United States,

My first entry got a lot of attention and was #1 on the most comments list, but it was kicked out since it was based on Space Police. My new ones haven't gotten far unfortunately. :(

By in United States,

wow i do really like those. especially the 'around earth's orbit' and 'solar system ruler'

By in Canada,

It takes FOREVER to go through them all... spent most of my Sunday at it and still not finished. Lots of great builds in there but I'm afraid they won't be seen amongst all the others. Waaaaayyy too many of those %#$€ Brickheads things in there... should be a way to filter the darn things out.

By in Mexico,

I really like this contest, and I love a lot of entries, but i think that there are less than 500 that really looks like a LEGO set, Most of the entries are really original and cool, but looks like a MOC, not like a real lego set, I entered the contest thinking that one my entries could be an official product and these are:
The spaceman:
The Classic space adventures:

By in Czech Republic,

Some nice entries withing your picks. Made me cast quite a lot of votes :D I admitt that it's really difficult to go through the (trash)pile and find these small jewels. When I submitted my Brick's'tronaut I was quite confident it was among the best designs, but boy did I miss some good ones :D

Anyway, If you want to check mine out and give me your vote: :D

By in United States,

@darkstonegrey: Thanks for mentioning my terraforming bee spaceship mech!

I have also submitted an asteroid mine set with hidden gems inside!

There really are a lot of amazing entries! Good luck to everyone. The blind vote aspect has been quite interesting. I think it really gives everyone an equal chance to win, but it's also a bit stressful. I hope they at least mention which projects were the top 25 projects when the review phase is over.

By in Czech Republic,

In all honesty, I don't like this crowd voting phase. Especially along with the blind votes, it almost motivates people who submited their own entry not to vote on good entries in order to increase their own chance to be in top 25. And again, raising votes is more about reaching toward people and getting them to support you than the actual geniuine entry quality. I don't want to suggest that people are inherently bad or tricky, but this kind of voting system definitely supports that idea. If I just cast votes according to how I like different entries (which I honestly try to do), without begging for my own votes in comments, I ultimately lower my own chances to get into judging phase. I think that's really, really bad aspect of this contest :(

By in Australia,

@Andrew Burger. I like the concept and the scale used. I'm wondering if it would work better as a Lego shaped footprint, but then of course you'd probably have to show the foot lifting off it as well, otherwise it's just a rectangular dent in the ground.

By in United Kingdom,

There's quite a clutch of really good entries, taking it from 1066 to 25 is pretty tough. This is the first time I've entered anything on Ideas, although I'm a prolific Rebrick entrant. Hoping that there are enough objective fans voting so that the best models really do go through but even I've called on family for support!
Self-promotion is not my strong point but here goes: I've entered a homage to Galileo, represented on a mechanical orrery of sorts. It's called Our Place in Space.

I'm sure all of us that have entered would appreciate the time that it takes to look through all of the entries and offer support.

By in Spain,

I did a few, too, but they are not at the level of the ones showed here.
Good luck everyone!

By in Germany,

My absolute favorite is The First Boy on the Moon, simply because it is so different from all the pseudo-retro Classic Space remakes/homages and so cute and clever at the same time.

Runner-up for me would be Reach for the stars!

By in United Kingdom,

I’m amazed at how many entries there are. It should show LEGO that there’s a serious appetite out there for LEGO sci-fi sets that’s beyond third party licenses.

I love a lot of them and even dabbled at creating one myself. I’m under no illusion as I don’t like how it looks from the outside but love how the inside turned out :)

But have a look and well me what you think :

By in United States,

@hewman I didn't even think about using a Lego footprint which is a really cool idea! However, I don't think I can change my entry in such a significant way at such a late stage in the contest.

Anyways, thank you so much for the feedback, I appreciate it immensely.

By in Spain,

I think these sets are really cool but I also believe that LEGO should not live on the past, they should come up with new ideas and new sets and a really cool new space theme.

By in Puerto Rico,

These look cool but I am mad that Lego kept rejecting my entry and continued to change the teasons as to why yet when I replied them they never answered me, nice jod to those that managed to enter.

By in United States,

I put up 3 different entries but this is one is what I hope gets to the top 25. I think it realistically resembles an actual LEGO set:

I was consistently checking on recent entries almost every day for this, love so many of them. I am very picky about the microscale or 16X16 display models, I don't think LEGO will make those outside of the smallest polybag sets or the Architecture series. Most of the ones that got my vote are all with playability and uniqueness in mind. Anyway, here are some I think might make it to the top ten:

First Boy on the Moon

Mini Observatory

The Angler

Is there life on Mars?

The Spaceman


Return to Earth

Nick Nova's Spaceship

Mars Exploration

Rocket-catching Alien

By in Australia,
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