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Another LEGO auction at Catawiki ends this evening and includes a number of interesting lots, as always:

You can view all lots in the auction on our Catawiki page and if you have items to sell take a look at the guide to selling LEGO at Catawiki to find out how to get your items listed.


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By in United States,

Interesting to see the y-wing come up. It's almost as if we're about to get another one . . . Seriously has anyone heard anything about it yet? Piece count or otherwise?

By in United States,

^Not sure how serious or otherwise you are, but there have been rumors of a new UCS Y-Wing as 75181. We know the price of that set will be about 200 Euros. We know that Jordan Scott (who designed last year's Snowspeeder) has hinted at an upcoming UCS on the bricklist of sets he designed. There is also a leaked picture of a Gold Leader minifigure with a new helmet print. I have no inside information, and I can't verify that any of it is real, but I would bet a good amount of bricks that we'll be getting it for May the Fourth.

By in Belgium,

Also interesting to see re-sale prices drop big time after a few re-releases. 10179 is now 'only' 1000€.
A little over a year ago it was impossible to find under 2500€.
It seems Lego has killed the investor market with it's re-release of the MF and the TAJ.

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