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These are the sets that have been viewed the most this week:

175953 Hogwarts Whomping Willow12374
210018 Darth Maul8013
375955 Hogwarts Express7428
475954 Hogwarts Great Hall5893
575220 Sandcrawler5888
670657 NINJAGO City Docks5519
775216 Snoke's Throne Room4954
875218 X-wing Starfighter4896
9410261 Roller Coaster4798
1075956 Quidditch Match4114


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6 comments on this article

By in New Zealand,

Another stand-out "winner" linked to Reddit? If possible, Mr Huwbot, could these stats be tied to Brickset members only? It would make for more reliable data by removing the casual traffic spikes.

By in Australia,

If it was only linked to brickset users it would probably correlate with articles on the home page, I think it's much more interesting to see what the wider community are looking at. Having said that, has anyone else noticed the average number of views in the top 10 is almost 10x higher than when this article started? Was that a blip, or have set views really increased that much?

By in United Kingdom,

We’re in new release season, so the views for these sets are going to be higher compared to the more casual browsing of the database that was going on before (links from Reddit none withstanding!)

By in United Kingdom,

What's with the interest in the Darth Maul bust? Have I missed something?

By in United Kingdom,

Exactly what I was thinking with the Darth Maul bust. Was there a flash back review?

By in United States,


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