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Last week LEGO IDEAS were pleased to share the new and updated LEGO IDEAS website. For the last couple years, LEGO IDEAS has been on a journey to make LEGO IDEAS more than a place to share ideas for new LEGO sets. LEGO is working to make IDEAS the crowd sourcing and co-creation hub for teen and adult LEGO fans.

This development started with the LEGO IDEAS Test Lab early last year, and then the Contests beta was launched in November. Now, LEGO has redesigned their site and navigation to feature Contests fully alongside the “classic” LEGO IDEAS projects—which have now been rebranded as Product Ideas.

Read on as I attempt to navigate you through the new IDEAS site and show you where all the old features are lurking.

What’s new?

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Here's what's new on the new Ideas site:

  • A redesigned, responsive site design with an improved mobile experience.
  • A news feed that shows you top items according to a score by default. You can also toggle the feed to show the most recent items first by selecting “New” in the Sort By box underneath the left menu on any news feed page.
  • Redesigned navigation menus that make Contests more visible.
  • Projects are now called “Product Ideas.” LEGO found that the public called them “ideas” anyway, so they updated this for clarity.
  • The Discover page now lets you search product ideas, contests, contest entries, and blog posts.
  • LEGO has updated our Product Idea Guidelines and Terms of Service. Most notably, now:
    • All product ideas must be submitted on your own behalf and not on behalf of an employer or client.
    • Under Prizes and Rewards, LEGO has added a missing mention of the consolation prizes given for Product Ideas not approved in Review.

Taking a look at the menus

This article has been written by someone who does not use a smart phone so some of the features may appear differently for smart phone users.

On the top right hand side of the LEGO IDEAS home page is three main buttons enabling people to:

The Shop for Products button takes users to the Shop.LEGO.com for your country.

Left hand menus

The left hand side of the home page has a more useful menu directory.

The first level menu options take you to:

  • Product Ideas
  • Contests
  • Discover (more on this option later)
  • Community, or
  • Blog

Beneath the menu are three Radio Buttons for sorting your selection by Top, New or Most Supported.

The Most Supported menu and the Most Supported radio button produces different results:

  • The Most Supported menu option will filter the Product Ideas to show the most supported Product Ideas that have not yet entered the review stage. There may be a couple of Product Ideas that have Achieved Support (ie. 10,000 supporters) but this filter is useful as it quickly takes you to active projects that are most supported.
  • The Most Supported radio button produces a different result. It incudes all the Product Ideas that have failed the review process and are therefore Not Approved.

LEGO may need to make some adjustments how the radio buttons work so that they become more useful.

This menu can collapse to show only the first level menus.

Once LEGO has improved how contests work and the admins tools that allow people to support them, the Contests "beta" label will be removed. LEGO asks people to look forward to more exciting LEGO IDEAS contests late summer and fall 2018.

Clutch Power and Badges

Here is my row of badges.

From left to right, the badges are awarded for:

  • Each Product Idea that reaches 1,000 supporters milestone.
  • Each Product Idea that reaches 5,000 supporters milestone.
  • Each Product Idea that achieves 10,000 supporters.
  • Autobiographer badge is awarded to people who fill out their Bio field of their Profile Information.
  • Cuusoo Badge is awarded to people who participated in the original LEGO Cuusoo.
  • Test Lab Badge is awarded to people who participated in the LEGO IDEAS Test Lab.
  • Luminary Badge is awarded to members with a project that has reached 100 followers.
  • Socializer Badge is awarded to members who have reached 100 likes on their comments.
  • Trailblazer Badge is awarded to members who have reached 100 followers.

As you formally participated at LEGO IDEAS, you would earn points and badges that become your “Clutch Power”. The more you support, share, or create, the higher your Clutch Power points would be, and the more badges you will earn.

Until now, members at LEGO IDEAS could earn “Clutch Power” points for doing certain things on the site like earning followers or receiving likes for comments. While this was a way to rank active members, the cumulative nature meant newer members couldn't easily break into the rankings.

LEGO prefers all members are welcomed on equal footing and the focus be on great submissions. So, they’ve removed Clutch Power points. Don’t worry though, your badges aren’t going anywhere!

I always considered that the analysis of the accumulated “Clutch Power” of people who supported your Product Idea was one factor used during the review phase of Product Idea selection.

Personal Profile Menu

On the top right hand side of the window you will see your Personal Profile Menu.

Next to this are some new icons:

  • The magnifying glass represents the Search box.
  • The filing cabinet takes you to the Home Page.
  • The telescope takes you to the Discover Page.
  • The two people icon takes you the Member's Community where you can further sort by:
    • Most submissions, or
    • Most followed

There are 955691 people registered at LEGO IDEAS.

Discover Page

The telescope icon on your profile menu takes you to the Discover Page. The Discover link on the left hand menu will take you to the same page.

This page has the closest functionality that the new version has of a Legacy Mode. Once you find yourself at the Discover Page the familiar site filters will be visible.

Back to the Top Button

A feature that I have not seen before is the Back to Top button. Just like the ^Top button here at Brickset, this button will take you - well - back to the top.

This button is visible on most pages but is not visible on your Product Ideas Updates page.

The top left LEGO Ideas Logo

Finally, the LEGO IDEAS logo or the PRODUCT IDEAS hyperlink will take you to the home page.

Consolation prizes given for Product Ideas not approved in Review

If your Product Idea is not approved in Review, you will receive the following consolation prizes:

  • Up to three LEGO products totaling $500 USD in combined value, subject to availability.

I hope this tour of the new LEGO IDEAS website has been helpful. I am interested to hear your experiences following the new site upgrades. In particular, I am interested in any experiences you may have to offer if you use a smaller smart phone platform.


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14 comments on this article

By in United Kingdom,

Pretty good consolation prize. Is that new, or was it just not that well publicised previously?

By in United States,


I remember reading something from the update that implied that it was something that already existed, but they added it to the official terms and conditions.

EDIT: "Under Prizes and Rewards, we have added a missing mention of the consolation prizes given for Product Ideas not approved in Review."

Missing makes it sound like the prizes already exist, but that they had no mention of them.

By in United Kingdom,

A few people have mentioned something in the past about receiving a consolation reward for reaching 10,000 and not being selected. It'd be quite a blow to get nothing after all that effort and the stress of waiting.

By in United States,

Man that new logo is fabulous! I love it when LEGO experiments with brick-built logos.

By in United States,

I don’t go on too much but it’s nice to know that people can get the consolation prize even if their project doesn’t pass.

By in United States,

Great article and review. Glad to see Lego continuing to tweak Ideas and hopefully make it better and better.

By in Canada,

The Rebrick sight is shutting down on September 1, all the contests will now be on Lego Ideas. But the Architecture contest is still open.
It is kinda nice that there is only one web sight for ideas and contests.

By in United Kingdom,

I've only been signed up to Lego Ideas for a couple of weeks but so far I'm enjoying the new style and glossy new look of the site. The only thing I'm not so keen on is this new "Top" listing order that is so heavily pushed on the front page. I can't really get my head around how that list is worked out. There are a couple of other issues as well, the search feature doesn't seem to work as well as it used to for example but I'm sure these are just teething issues that will be sorted out over the next few weeks. Overall I think they've done a good job with the new site.

By the way this is my Ideas project if anyone is interested in checking it out. :) https://ideas.lego.com/projects/2a2ec583-9836-4868-8dc7-6b3bb0a2fe80

By in United Kingdom,

The 'I' of the new logo looks a lot like a lego built / steam punk taser because of the orientation of the scene depicted. Just add the new Powered Up battery pack!

By in United Kingdom,

The new Ideas site looks good, but the search feature leaves a lot to be desired. For instance I used to find my project easily by typing its name in the search field (Planetary Outpost). Now I have to scroll down for what seems an eternity to locate it. Yet it’s the only project with that name and tons of irrelevant and even expired projects are listed ahead of it.

Other searches that used to work (like Space exploration) don’t show it up at all - at least I gave up scrolling.

Anybody have a more positive experience ?

By in United Kingdom,

I have been a regular user of the Ideas site for over three years. Almost everything I used to to be able to do on the site has changed, and needs several additional mouse clicks to use. Even looking at the most supported projects can't be done without knowing that there is a 'gathering support' check box under one of the menu options (without it you see all the projects which made 10K but failed the review).

Competiton entries get mixed up in with my current projects (again there is a check box but its another option you have to display and set).

Possibly the biggest failure of the redesign is the selecton criteria for 'Top'. They say its about supporter and comments but there are projects near the top of 'Top' with less than 20 supporters. These projects get top billing on the front page of the site. Perhaps it worked with test data but is failing with live data.

If I was a new user I think I would have trouble finding the projects and the constant needed to apply filters to see current projects would put me off coming back.

By in United Kingdom,

@eiffleman I've been visiting Ideas for over a year and I hadn't noticed the options you mentioned. I went back and totally agree with you: it's more clicks to achieve what we used to achieve. Not only that, they weren't obvious for someone who visits often, there's no chance the casual visitor would find those options. Why not put on the "gathering support" filter by default? That's how it was before. There really is no need to sift through expired project if you're there looking to add your support to fresh ideas.

By in United States,

It's great that they're trying to improve the experience for mobile users, but as usual, the new design does not have desktop users in mind.

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