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LEGO IDEAS was updated in July and has now undergone some further changes, perhaps the most notable of which is the integration of LEGO Rebrick. Contests will now be held on the LEGO IDEAS website.

You can read the details of these changes here:

Today we've released the latest batch of improvements to LEGO IDEAS based on our roadmap and extensive user testing that we conducted after the last update. With mixed emotions, the time has now come to close LEGO Rebrick and move future contests to LEGO IDEAS. LEGO Rebrick launched as a contest platform in March 2016 and we have been continuously impressed with the innovation and ingenuity we see in every single entry. We are excited to be able to now offer these contests on LEGO IDEAS and continue to celebrate your creativity and inspire the builders of tomorrow. LEGO Rebrick will go offline on the 14th of September.

We'd like to celebrate LEGO Rebrick and everyone who entered contests there. So we've just awarded a new Rebricker badge to every registered LEGO IDEAS member who entered a LEGO Rebrick contest. Thanks again for sharing your creativity with us on LEGO Rebrick and we’re looking forward to your entries here on IDEAS.

Today's website updates include:

  • A new Staff Pick feed that shows both Product Ideas and Contest Entries
  • Lightboxes are back! This isn't new, but it's useful and we missed them after they were removed in the last release.When you click an image in an idea or entry, it will open a lightbox and you can view it full screen within your browser window.
  • Improved look for Contest pages including a full-width header and less visual clutter. Check it out on the Voltron Scene contest.
  • New Notifications menu you can find by clicking the bell on the top menu. Customize your alerts in Settings.
  • Color-coded flags for news feed items. Product Idea flags are yellow, Contest Entries are blue. We’ve also added a tool tip for context when you hover over them.
  • You can now disallow followers in Settings.
  • One Contest entry at a time. You can enter contests as many times as you want, but you can only have one awaiting a moderator approval at a time. Quality over quantity!
  • More Visible "Submit Product Idea" link, so you can more easily find it on a mobile device.
  • Improvements to Ending Soon timer for product ideas on the Discover page. If there's less than a day left, it now shows hours and minutes.
  • Minor Terms of Service update changing language to better support Contests.

LEGO Rebrick will go offline September 14

LEGO Rebrick wrapped up its last contest a few weeks ago and remains online until September 14. If you entered any LEGO Rebrick contests, you’ll want to save your data before the site goes offline. Going forward, we're happy to offer our crowd sourcing and co-creation experiences under one brand and platform—LEGO IDEAS.

What's next?

We're continuing to release improvements throughout the fall, starting with improvements to how Filtering works on the Discover page in mid-September. After each release, we review your feedback and also conduct professional user testing. We combine what we learn from this input and our own roadmap to prioritize what features make it into each release. While we don't always get what we want, when we want it (even us admins!), we're always working to make LEGO IDEAS a better experience for you.

What is your opinion of these changes? Let us know in the comments.


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11 comments on this article

By in Poland,

I have info from some potential supporters, that they have trouble with getting activation code... Good work, Lego Ideas.

By in United States,

Oh cool, I'd love to take part of all of this! Too bad I was banned from Ideas and ignored by customer support

By in Germany,

^ Was that before or after you got banned from Eurobricks? ;)

By in Puerto Rico,

RIP Rebrick, seems Lego is trying to put all of it's digital access under as few umbrellas as it can.

By in United Kingdom,

One entry at a time is good change.
Lego ideas is in desperate need of more 'quality over quantity' measures.

By in United Kingdom,

^ I think that only applies to contests, not general Lego Ideas submissions...

By in United States,

I just recently got involved with ideas, and am extremely pleased with the site.

By in Canada,

Frankly was never happy with the new layout but maybe need to give it another try again.

By in United States,

@CM4sci probably had something to do with leaking images of sets on reddit or creating MOC box art for the UCS falcon (that you knew was coming) and sending their PR team into a panic

By in United States,

With how LEGO has used the Rebrick platform, the integration with Ideas makes a lot of sense, although it had the potential to be something better than another contest platform and I'm sorry that they never pursued that.

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