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These are the sets that have been viewed the most this week:

16762 Fort Legoredo52937
2371043 Hogwarts Castle3701
340293 Christmas Carousel2857
4575192 Millennium Falcon2568
5870620 NINJAGO City2556
6275059 Sandcrawler2416
71421309 NASA Apollo Saturn V2383
875173 Luke's Landspeeder2301
940223 Snowglobe2299
10675213 Star Wars Advent Calendar2193


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6 comments on this article

By in Canada,

Why was 6762 viewed so many times?

By in United States,

^makes no sense

By in United States,

^ yeah, especially since it was the rereleased version.

By in United Kingdom,

Wow, that's an impressive readship and clickthru for that channel!

By in United States,

Oh yeah my favorite set is on top!!!!!!!!!:)

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