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These are the most read articles that we've posted over the last couple of weeks:

ArticleDate postedViewsLikes
10263 Winter Village Fire Station revealed!09 Sep30257128
Review: 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City13 Sep16277126
Second 2018 LEGO Ideas review period qualifying projects11 Sep1511192
Review: 71043 Hogwarts Castle (2)02 Sep13524111
10263 Winter Village Fire Station confirmed!04 Sep1294167
Review: 70654 Dieselnaut07 Sep1263089
40293 Christmas Carousel revealed03 Sep903186
The LEGO Group posts stable financial results05 Sep714374
Review: 75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes04 Sep694381
Interview with Hans Burkhard Schlömer, designer of 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City14 Sep603991


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