Halloween set offer from Chowren Toys

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Just in time for Halloween! For this month we are making available 40260 Halloween Haunt set to readers of Brickset for $7.99. All readers need to do is enter promo code: BRICKSET40260 at the checkout to get the discounted price.

There are total of 100 units available and are limited to 10 per customer while supplies last. This promotion will only last until October 11, 2018 11:59pm (US West Coast time)


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By in United Kingdom,

Fantastic price from Chowren- decided to see if international orders were reasonable.
However after a lot of faffing with their website, trying to navigate the damn thing and working out how their shipping estimate calculator worked (the mobile version of the site is awful), the cheapest shipping option to me in the UK is $16 with a 3-4 week delivery time.
Guess I won't be shopping here. Oh well, it was worth a shot...

By in United States,

Awesome! Wasn't able to buy this when first released. I might have to check it out.

By in United States,

These have been available in the US at Walmart and on Google Express for $9.84 for quite some time.

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