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This week's Catawiki LEGO auction comes to an end this evening. As usual, there are plenty of interesting lots available and these include:

You can view every lot in the auction on our Catawiki page and if you have items to sell, take a look at the guide to selling LEGO at Catawiki to find out how to get your items listed.


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By in United Kingdom,

How do they charge 9% for an auction. Could be £90 on the Star Destroyer, or more. For that id want them to bring it round to my house in a limo..........

By in Sweden,

@Lego34s: sounds expensive I agree. On the other hand, I've bought through them a few times and it is completely hassle-free. And what does, e.g. eBay, take? [I'm aware that there it's the seller paying the fee, but there's still a fee]

By in Australia,

Offload SSDs before the rerelease!

By in United States,

Link to selling guide is broken

By in Netherlands,

@kfr, buyers pay 9% fee and sellers pay 12,5% these auctions are a goldmine for Catawiki.

So they they collect 21,5% of the total sale.

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