City Advent Calendar: Day 18

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I have been very pleased with the last couple of items from the LEGO City Advent Calendar and am hoping that high standard will continue on day eighteen.

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60180 Monster Truck was released in January and minifigures now have a miniature version of the set to enjoy! This tiny model captures the vital details of its source material, featuring a bright colour scheme of blue, orange and white. I am particularly impressed with the light bluish grey 1x1 tile which represents an air scoop on the bonnet and the trans-black windscreen looks superb too.

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Unfortunately, the enormous tyres that appear on monster trucks have not been captured here. Instead, the designer has used skateboard wheels which would be suitable for the majority of miniature cars but appear small here. However, I do appreciate the inclusion of a reddish brown mound, forming the jump which appears in 60180 Monster Truck!

Overall - 4.0 - These miniature LEGO sets are always enjoyable and I like the Monster Truck, although its wheels seem rather small for such a beefy vehicle.

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By in Sweden,

I found out that the ramp can be put on top of the monster truck and it will look like a cowboy, or at least a monster truck with a cap

By in United Kingdom,

It look really good for a small model based on a previous set.

By in United Kingdom,

Yh, apart from the Tyre's, the rest is cool

By in Australia,

I like the wheels- when I first saw it I thought the wheel base looks completely out of proportion, and then I realised what it was representing. Comically undersized wheels on a micro scale monster truck is right in my humour line!

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