Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 2

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The second issue of Brick Fanatics magazine will be published towards the end of January. Here is the press release:

Having launched late in 2018 with Issue 1, Brick Fanatics Magazine will return in late January with a very special Issue 2. We are excited about what we’ve managed to pack into it.

Issue 2 marks the LEGO magazine’s move into a monthly publication cycle and will include many interesting and new features, interviews, builds and activities. Like what, you may ask? Well, we can’t be more specific than that just yet but here are a few teaser images to get you guessing...

More details of what’s to come in Issue 2 will follow as we move even closer to its release later this month. Until then, make sure you support this magazine and stay up to date by picking up a copy of Issue 1, available through our website.

Even better, subscribe for 12 or 24 issues to save money and to guarantee every copy of Brick Fanatics Magazine arrives fastest and first to you.

Wait, what? This is the first you have heard about Brick Fanatics Magazine?! Go here to find out everything you want and need to know about this A5-sized, 80-page LEGO magazine put together by fans of LEGO, for fans of LEGO.


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Wow. That sand crawler looks pretty neat! Especially in micro scale!

By in United States,

I rarely buy AFOL-targeted magazines, but I may have to get this one... always love behind-the-scenes interviews about the themes I love, and an interview about Unikitty with Matthew Ashton sounds amazing!

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