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In this Ideas Showcase article, I am promoting twelve LEGO product Ideas (as they are known).

I am always interested in your thoughts about which projects do you like.

The designers of these twelve projects have made contact with me and asked for help promoting their work. Read on as I add my comments of these worthy Ideas projects.

Mining Site

By Ymarilego

This is another project from Yvonne Strijbos. She has designed several industrial sites. Her Chemical Plant is currently in review.

The Mining Site is another industrial project that has been built to complement her Chemical Plant.

You can see her 10K Club interview as she describes her Chemical Plant project.

The Mining Site has over 200 days to reach 5,000 Supporters. It currently has over 4,100 Supporters.

Winter Chalet

By sdrnet

The building is a typical mountain chalet structured with a ground floor restaurant that is accessed from the main door and also offers its guests upstairs bedrooms.

The project has over 6,500 Supporters and only seven months to run. If this project is going to get to 10,000 milestone then it will need a boost in support soon!

LEGO Store Leicester Square

By Berthil66

This is the third "modular" styled project that I want to showcase.

This project is inspired by the largest LEGO Store in the world at Leicester Square in London.

It was designed as a sketch model and has been built to be part of a modular street.

It has early, solid support with over 1,500 Supporters.

Meyers Manx Dune Buggy

By admiraltyphoon

The Meyers Manx dune buggy is a small recreationally-oriented automobile, designed for desert racing by Bruce F. Meyers.

It is named after the Manx breed of cat due to its stubby design.

It is built using the Technic system which has made it much easier to recreate the curved design.

It is early stages for this Ideas project. it has eight months to reach 1,000 Supporters and therefore get a six-month time extension.

LEGO Seinfeld

By Ham_PhD

With the approval of Friends and The Big Bang Theory as Ideas sets, popular American sitcoms are popular themes with LEGO Ideas.

Seinfeld is one of the most popular TV shows of all time and this project could be added to the other two successful Ideas projects.

It has five months to get to 1,000 Supporters milestone and therefore get a six-month time extension.

Labyrinth Boardgame

By atheino

LEGO board games were popular sets.

Labyrinth, also known as The aMAZEing Labyrinth, is one of the true classic family board games.

This LEGO version is quite simple with around 900 pieces.

It still pleases the eye with its details and it fits on a regular 32x32 baseplate.

It has nearly a year to reach 1,000 Supporters and therefore gets a six-month time extension.

LEGO Zoetrope

By Fogtod

A Zoetrope is one of several pre-film animation devices that produce the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion.

This is a dynamic model and to really see what it does, you need to watch the one-minute YouTube clip.

The project has slightly over 500 Supporters with nine months to get to reach the 1,000 Supporters milestone.

Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone

By toastergrl

Sonic Mania is a 2017 platform game published by Sega.

This is an authentic recreation of the timeless gameplay stylings of the 1990s and a stunning showcase of gorgeous pixel art.

It is close to 4,700 Supporters with plenty of time to reach 5,000 Supporters.

Soldiers Outpost

By Spinx125

Two soldiers are standing guard while a third soldier tries to catch something from the jetty.

A General is guarding the treasure and there is a pirate sitting in jail.

It is important that the soldiers make sure that the pirates don’t free their mate.

With over 1,400 Supporters, this project has six months to reach 5,000 Supporters.

Automated Garbage Truck

By MochiMaster

This IDEAS project is an automated side-loading garbage truck that reinvents minifigure-scale garbage collection. The truck has several functions:

  • A working side loading bin arm that can pick up and empty LEGO trash bins into the truck’s hopper
  • A trash compacting ram to push trash from the hopper to the dumper
  • A dumper that is hinged to tip back with a tailgate that opens up to dump the garbage

There have been several LEGO garbage trucks but none have had an automated side-loading mechanism.

This project has a solid following. With over 3,300 Supporters and 500 days to reach the next milestone.

Classic Space Outpost - 40th Anniversary Set

By CaptainMutant

This LEGO Ideas proposal is designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of LEGO’s most beloved themes.

It has been made up of 1978 pieces!

Space is one of the most enduring themes in the LEGO world and it would be great to celebrate this by supporting this project.

This project has just over 300 Supporters but it also has over a year to reach 1,000 Supporters milestone.

Colide Sprint - concept supercar

By Mandylion777

Colide is a fictional car company and Sprint is one of their concept models.

It was named "Colide" (with one L) because the designer thought that sounded cool.

This is a dramatic expression of putting parts together. Sprint as the name of the model as it emphasizes its speed.

It is early stages for this project. It has just 150 Supporters but also has over a year to reach the next milestone: 1,000 Supporters.

I am always interested in your thoughts. Which projects do you like?

These twelve projects have been showcased as the designers made contact with me and asked for help promoting their work. Do you agree with my comments?

There are a couple of additional projects from designers, who have made contact with me recently, that will be featured in my next Ideas Showcase article.

I can be reached by the contact feature on my Brickset profile if you would like your Ideas project featured at Brickset.

Feel free to leave feedback and links to your favourite Ideas.

34 comments on this article

By in Denmark,

The mining site is awesome!!

By in United States,

i want the outposts and the garbage truck

By in United Kingdom,

Classic Space Outpost is probably my favourite, but that may be nostalgia factor. Second favourite is the zoetrope because I've alway liked the Ideas sets that show what accomplishments Lego can be used for

By in United States,

The Classic Space Outpost and garbage truck would make really fun sets. The rest would be nice display pieces, but not models that hold any personal interest for me.

By in Turkey,

They all look good and obviously a lot of effort went into them, but none of them stands out. Maybe except for Zoetrope.

By in United States,

Mining Site- this is a really sophisticated MOC and not a Lego Ideas set. Maybe it could fit with the Bricklink AFOL competition.
Winter Chalet- too big and too many bricks. Could be downsized for Winter Village
Lego Store- modulars don't get made into Ideas sets. Ugly for a modular. The Lego Store concept is too "meta" for a large set.
Meyers Manx- Cool car, dune buggies are kind of underrepresented in Lego. This could be made. Could it be best at minifig scale?
Seinfeld- The IP predates most millennial AFOLs, I think. Good build idea.
Labyrinth: meh. I'd rather have Clue(do) in Lego form, although Hasbro would probably be assholes about it
Zoetrope: This will get made. Very strong choice. Can it be made to fit minifigures?
Sonic: Definitely a viable concept and IP. Build needs work
Soldier's Outpost: another MOC masquerading as an Ideas set
Garbage truck- a better fit for City than Ideas
Classic Space Outpost- a horrible idea. Classic Space has very little cross-demographic appeal and 1978 pieces is way too big.
Supercar- This is a Creator set and not Ideas

By in United Kingdom,

Queue at Leicester Square needs to be longer!

By in France,

Mining site for me! Interesting building techniques and great for display ??????

By in Netherlands,

The mining site is great, and I wouldn't mind if the Soldiers Outpost inspired Lego to start up the Pirates theme again.

By in Germany,

Love the mining site. As others have pointed out, this seems perfectly suited for the next round of Bricklink sets (if there are any). I would buy that in an instant.

As for Ideas, I think the Zoetrope would stand the best chances. It's doesn't need an IP license, is highly imaginative, and looks like an awesome build with cool functionality. Plus, how great would it be to get all these pieces in metallic bronze (yes I know, the probability is minimal, but one can hope).

By in Poland,

@AustinPowers metallic bronze? To me it looks like regular black with bad lighting.

By in Germany,

@thor96: could be. I thought the person who built this had painted those pieces in a metallic bronze colour for a nicer "antique" effect. I know of a lot of people who do things like that. Then again, come to think of it, you might be right after all.

Oh and about that concept supercar, I just noticed something I hadn't before because I didn't read the description as I think the design is just so unaesthetic: the name of the fictional car company: "Colide". Now that is a real sensible and reassuring name, isn't it?
Kind of like naming a rocket company "Kaboom" or an airline "Crashprone Airways" ;-)

By in United States,

Meyers Manx Dune Buggy. Great looking build and at a price point that has been a bit underrepresented by the Ideas line lately. Looks to have some suspension and HoG steering, as well.

By in Poland,

You keep forgetting about my wardrobe...

By in United States,

Classic space immediately has my vote. 1978 pieces? That is just the best touch.

There are several other great ideas here too! Notably the Zoethrope and Leicester Square modular Lego Store are other great ones.

By in United Kingdom,

The Mining Site and both of the outposts are wins for me. The rest don't really appeal to me at all. The buggy and the Zoetrope are my least favourites.

By in United Kingdom,

Thank you so much Brickset for featuring my project, and to all the (mostly) nice comments about it! :)

I was wondering where all the support was suddenly coming from !!

For those who are interested, I created animated GIFs of my design to give a better idea what it's all about. I made 9 in total and you can check them out here :

By in United States,

Give me that awesome garbage truck! So hope it makes it.

By in Italy,

Bad lighting would affect all black pieces and not just the apparently bronze ones. I agree with AustinPowers in believing those pieces might have been repainted; the result is quite nice.

The Zoetrope design is indeed the only one worthy of being listed in the "Ideas" theme; the other designs however are marvellous builds. Congratulations to all for a display of great creativity.

By in France,

the mining site is my fave. I had already voted for this and its sibling the chemical plant but I can't see Lego producing it though....fingers crossed all the same.
Otherwise the Classic Space would be amazing and if Lego are looking to cash in, then it would fly off the shelves....
Lastly, the garbage truck. Very original and creative. Cool video to go with it showing functionality

By in United States,

I love the mine, the garbage truck, and most of all the space outpost. Keep up the good work, Ideas members!

By in United States,

The Zoetrope maybe one of the most original ideas for an Ideas project I've seen in a long time. I'm a bit worried that it may not the support that it needs to hit 10,000. And it's all ready failed once before. Fogtod needs an animated gif as the first image. That way when you click on it you see how it works first thing.

By in United Kingdom,

@LusiferSam - oh how I wish LEGO Ideas supported animated GIFs. Sadly they don't, which is a real shame because so many projects would benefit from being seen from all angles. :/

By in United States,

I'd buy the lego store or the garbage truck. Maybe the mine. The zoetrope is cool but I don't know what I'd do with it.

By in Denmark,

I would love another pirate admiral outpost.
But sonic is more likely, though I don't think TLC will release it through Ideas.

By in United States,

I am already supporting that mine and that is the only set I want like Chemical Factory.

By in Finland,

Thank you for featuring my Labyrinth! I've had several board game entries, but they haven't gained too many support. Hopefully this one would get a chance!

By in France,

Loving the space outpost! Some great detail and a fun set!

By in United States,

Thanks for featuring our Automated Garbage Truck project and really appreciate the feedback on this forum. Thanks to everyone here that started supporting our project and Brickset overall!

By in United Kingdom,

I saw the Zoetrope at a show. It looks absolutely fantastic when it is running. I think it will make a fantastic set, and highly recommend voting for it!

By in United Kingdom,

Speaking of shows, is anyone going to the Discovery Brick Show in Newcastle Upon Tyne this weekend? If all goes well, I’ll be displaying my space Outpost there :)

By in Canada,

I want a minifig scale dune buggy in red and blue. With a spider-symbol on it. And web-shooters.

By in United Kingdom,

I'm a bit late, but I'd just like to pop my head in to say thanks for showcasing the Sonic Mania project. ^u^ I didn't notice this sooner because I've been writing my thesis, but thankfully I'm done now... @[email protected]

@CopperTablet - Appreciated feedback! do you have any suggestions as to how the build could be improved? I've placed my focus on action features to reflect the younger side of the target audience, but a good build is definitely a needed draw.

In any case, much luck and success to everyone here! <3

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