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These are the sets that have been viewed the most this week:

1110266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander11578
210754 Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street Showdown9143
340335 Space Rocket Ride2905
4810029 Lunar Lander2753
580103 Dragon Boat Race2500
6240346 LEGOLAND2248
7670505 Temple of Light1999
8375810 The Upside Down1813
9565 Moon Landing1808
105005907 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Patch1784

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By in United Kingdom,

Why the heck is a Spider-Man Juniors set from last year getting so much attention?

By in Canada,

@Mister-Jonny just a guess but sometimes other sites refer to Brickset when they do videos or write blogs which would drive traffic to the set perhaps.

By in Latvia,

Second time in a row the Temple of Light is here! I guess someone got into a very long discussion about it on a different site

By in United States,

Wait why does the patch count as a set?
I thought clothes didn't count?

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