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These are the sets that have been viewed the most this week:

175936 Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage15110
2110754 Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street Showdown5459
3210266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander3419
44000034 LEGO System House3362
5742099 4x4 X-Treme Off-Roader2969
6340335 Space Rocket Ride2407
775192 Millennium Falcon2387
8970505 Temple of Light2247
9621046 Empire State Building2037
102021309 NASA Apollo Saturn V2013

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Why has 10754 been on this list two weeks in a row? Seems abnormal for a Juniors set.

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As was stated last week, someone somewhere must have reviewed the set or started a long discussion about it.

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10754 offers Scorpion, a rather popular and iconic character from Spider-Man comics. A rather popular cartoon during the 90s, as was X-Men, it strikes me as not surprising. Owner of a copy of the set, the printed pieces and the pricing are rather ideal.

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That’s kind of funny. My 6 year old received 10754 out of the blue last Sunday for his birthday from a classmate and has absolutely zero interest in building it. Meanwhile he tore into the fire bomber and burger bar fire sets he received. Wonder if the parent of said classmate saw whatever it is that is driving those hits

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I’m kinda surprised 70505 Temple of Light is on this list. It’s been a long time since it was on the shelves.

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