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Brick Fanatics Magazine has provided some additional information and incentives for prospective subscribers:

Here are 10 things you need to know about purchasing and subscribing to Brick Fanatics Magazine.

Brick Fanatics Magazine is available for purchase at www.brickfanatics.com/magazine but did you know all that’s worth knowing about subscribing to the magazine or purchasing back issues? Read on to find out all the essentials…

Free issues!

Subscribers receive free issues, free postage and guaranteed delivery of each issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine fastest and first!

Seriously, free issues!

12-issue subscriptions include one free issue, whilst 24-issue subscriptions include three free issues.

Building your world and ours

As the subscriber base grows, so will the magazine. Brick Fanatics Magazine is determined to not only ‘build your world of LEGO’ through quality content and professional photography packaged in expert design, but continually build up the quality of the physical product too. The upgrades to a larger format and better paper quality from Issue 7 are an example of this.


Subscribing to Brick Fanatics Magazine is just a couple of clicks away – head to www.brickfanatics.com/magazine, select a 12-issue or 24-issue package and then pay, filling in relevant details such as postal address. Buying more than one product, or want to make use of our basket function? Read our more concise guide on how to buy Brick Fanatics Magazine here.

All major cards

You can pay for purchases at www.brickfanatics.com/magazine using all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal.


Query with an order? You can contact a member of the Brick Fanatics Magazine team at [email protected].

We love our subscribers

Brick Fanatics Magazine has a subscriber guarantee in place – should the worst ever happen and production of the magazine ceases, you would be refunded in full for the issues you then wouldn’t receive. Peace of mind, because we respect our subscribers and the support that they continue to show the magazine.

Back to the future

Missed a copy of the magazine? Don’t worry, back issues are available to purchase at www.brickfanatics.com/magazine, including a special Issue 1 and 2 bundle available at a reduced rate – start your Brick Fanatics Magazine collection and save money!


Wait…what? This is new. As our back catalogue of past issues grows, it’s only fair that we make it as accessible as we can, for newcomers to Brick Fanatics Magazine. Looking to build up past issues of the magazine, or add a couple to a purchase of a subscription, all the while avoiding that additional postage and packaging charge? Select any four or more product listings at www.brickfanatics.com/magazine and then enter the code 4forfree at the checkout before paying, and your postage and packaging fee will be removed.

In stores too!

You can find copies of Brick Fanatics Magazine on sale in WHSmith stores across the UK and Barnes & Noble stores across the US. Having trouble finding your nearest store? Email [email protected] and we’ll help you out. Issue 7 has just gone into UK stores.

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By in Belgium,

The subscriber guarantee is worthless unless there's third-party insurance in place. Otherwise subscribers would be unsecured creditors if the company went pop and be unlikely to receive anything.

By in United Kingdom,

Its not really free is it ? - When u have to pay for magazines to get a free magazine? XD

By in New Zealand,

I only subscribe to digital editions of magazines. Saves on space and postage and I always get them before the paper version is out. Will you go digital?

By in United Kingdom,

It is free if you flick through it in Smiths. :-)

By in United Kingdom,

@AllanSmith we would never rule out introducing a digital version of Brick Fanatics Magazine, but it is not in our current plans

By in United Kingdom,

@CCC, If you flick through it to better inform your purchasing decision, that's fine. But if you read it in store with no intention of buying it, that's unfair on the author, publisher, retailer and other customers. It's also borderline illegal.

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