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These are the sets that have been viewed the most this week:

170419 Wrecked Shrimp Boat5266
2121318 Treehouse3805
31542099 4x4 X-Treme Off-Roader3442
470420 Graveyard Mystery3327
56285 Black Seas Barracuda2976
670422 Shrimp Shack Attack2880
770418 J.B.'s Ghost Lab2786
870425 Newbury Haunted High School2775
970424 Ghost Train Express2433
106274 Caribbean Clipper2426

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By in Netherlands,

Bye bye temple of light! you will be missed

By in Australia,

Until next week

By in Australia,

Shrimp (there called PRAWNS...) boat has way more views then treehouse. Proof that realistic Lego sets are far more wanted then large niche ones. (in saying that the treehouse is a great set and an awesome Lego Ideas set)

By in Latvia,

Well, instead of an old temple we have an old ship. Great!

By in United Kingdom,

@brickchap that 'proof' is useless as last week the treehouse was viewed 9527 times - more than the shrimp boat was in its first week.

By in Luxembourg,

And the Treehouse review was viewed an additional 29539 times in its 2nd week.

By in Australia,

I've just come back from Singapore and got to have a look at the Treehouse, wow, the picture doesn't do it justice it's actually lot bigger when you get to see it and now I can see the value in this set. On my shopping that I did do while in Singapore and a quick trip to Malaysia Legoland I managed to purchase the 40346 set that is only available at Legoland, unless brought through Bricklink/Ebay and 8kg's of loose bricks from the various stores I visited while in Singapore and also KL.
Was a little disappointed in there wasn't as much loose stock to choose from at the Lego stores, hence why only 8kg...but I digress due to what I already had in my luggage I didn't purchase the Treehouse yet, but it will be getting added at a later stage.
The colours they have used and the size looks amazing.

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