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These are the sets that have been viewed the most this week:

140362 Battle of Endor2393
2370505 Temple of Light2346
3271044 Disney Train and Station2326
41160061 Airport Fire Truck2121
540336 Newbury Juice Bar2037
670848 Systar Party Crew1846
7142100 Liebherr R 98001836
8675192 Millennium Falcon1569
975955 Hogwarts Express1499
10875105 Millennium Falcon1454

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By in United States,

I hate you, Temple of Light

By in United States,

I’m surprised huwbot hasn’t started to rig this to make clikits show up like he has the random set of the day.

Perhaps the temple of light is the new clikits.

By in Canada,

No, seriously though. How is Temple of Light always in the top ten all these years later?

By in Latvia,

I don't even want to wright anything

By in United States,

Let's just give in and try to get it to number 1

By in Australia,

I think there was a reddit post a while back that linked to the temple of light, then because it was a bit random everyone clicked on it... and then people kept clicking on it. It would be interesting to see where the traffic is coming from, if it’s even possible to do that.

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