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These are the most read articles that we've posted over the last couple of weeks:

ArticleDate postedViewsLikes
75252 Imperial Star Destroyer announced!05 Sep39846152
10 years of polybags01 Sep35329152
Introducing the Technic Land Rover Defender10 Sep2589999
This delicious gingerbread house is this year's winter village set12 Sep24259182
Review: 21319 Central Perk04 Sep14972117
What should the next Ultimate Collector Series set be?09 Sep1421477
Review: 40336 Newbury Juice Bar03 Sep1069791
The LEGO Group posts growing sales but declining profit03 Sep934666
21038 Las Vegas Skyline: the set that doesn't exist. Or does it?07 Sep851480
Frozen II sets revealed!06 Sep809539
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